Benefits of Community Service in Schools

Whether they are a kindergartner or a senior in high school, community service is a great way for students to get involved in their community. Volunteering can range from working a few hours in a local garden to spending a week building homes in the community. There are multiple reasons that community service is beneficial to students.

Community service helps students make friends with other children and can help strengthen the friendships that they already have. Volunteer-work also helps solidify the relationship that they have with their community. For those kids that may not be more naturally outgoing, community service is also a way to help practice and develop social skills that we all need in day to day life.

Serving one’s community offers a good way for a student to explore any particular interests that he or she may have. By volunteering, students have the opportunity to learn from experience, and these experiences will allow them to make more informed decisions for their future endeavors.

Another reason that community service is beneficial for students is the responsibility and pride they gain from volunteering. As students begin to work in their community, they start to see the difference that they can make and how these changes help others.

By offering community service opportunities to their students, teachers allow kids to develop real-world skills that will help them succeed later in life!