Built for Public Schools

Magnus solution helps Public Schools comply with your State regulations and streamlines emergency response

More than 700 schools nationwide use Magnus software to track their student records

What Public Schools Love About Magnus

Easy State Reporting

Comply with state requirements by building individual compliance reports on vision screenings and student visits, among others.

Comprehensive Student Health Records (SHR)

Collect student health forms digitally, then manage medications, add treatment notes, and access vital health information.

Simple Parent Portal

Receive parent submitted forms online, and set up automated email reminders to help families stay up-to-date on approaching deadlines.

Secure Health Screening Reports

Enter hearing and vision screening results for an entire class/grade quickly and securely.

Improved Immunization Compliance

Automate the student immunization record collection process, and effortlessly manage state and county requirements and guidelines.

Mobile Athletic Management Tools

Record injuries and treatment notes in real time, and access over 130 standard reports along with the Sideline Concussion Assessment module.

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