Valley Beth Shalom Day School saves time and money
with increased visibility over student compliance.


Location: Encino, CA

Type: Private, Solomon Schechter Day School

Size: 258 students

Grades: K – 6

Contact Person: Elana Vorspan,
Director of Communications

The Challenge

Every summer, Valley Beth Shalom Day School (VBSDS) went through a very complex process to prepare, sort, mail, collect, track, and file the required student forms that trickled in throughout the summer and first couple months of the school year. As families returned information to the school, the office manager spent countless hours sorting through the forms, ensuring their accuracy, and making follow-up phone calls to parents.

The task “consumed so much time that the three or four school employees responsible for the project would often request the help of recent graduates,” said Amy Fogg Hirschfeld, VBSDS Communications Director. Because some forms went to only select students and others to the entire student population, careful attention was required to ensure that each mailing was in order.

VBSDS also sent a form every year to collect and populate an emergency card for each student. Those cards were then stored on campus in fireproof boxes and would be retrieved in the event of a natural disaster.

“The biggest asset for us is visibility over who is complete, and who still has forms outstanding.”

Amy Fogg Hirschfeld

The Solution

“My job is to keep [parents] happy and to make sure things are running smoothly for them,” said Hirschfeld. With this goal in mind, Hirschfeld viewed a WhippleHill webinar that gave an overview of the single sign-on integration with Magnus Health. “At first glance, I felt like [SMR] would alleviate a lot of the problems that we experience every year and it would streamline our process,” said Hirschfeld.

The integration between WhippleHill’s Podium and Magnus Health and the substantial efficiencies that would be gained by collecting forms online were both pivotal in the decision to move forward with Magnus. VBSDS was excited by the prospect of driving parents to the website more often, improving communication, and going green by eliminating excessive printing.

The Result

“The biggest asset for us is visibility over who is complete, and who still has forms outstanding,” said Hirschfeld, also noting the reduction in printing, elimination of costly summer mailings, and time saved in collecting and tracking down missing information. “The nurse can take care of kids now because she has more time to just be the nurse,” Hirschfeld stated.

Next action dates remind parents to update information as needed, instead of on an annual basis. Because parents submit student information online, Magnus911 cards are immediately populated with emergency details, eliminating the need to manually complete an emergency card for each student.

“The nurse can take care of kids now because she has more time to just be
the nurse.”

Amy Fogg Hirschfeld


Valley Beth Shalom Day School was tired of the same time-consuming problems dealing with student medical forms each summer, and they found the solution in Magnus Health’s SHR. The new approach to managing student medical forms has proven to be more efficient, more secure, more thorough, and provides VBSDS with previously unavailable visibility over the process.

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