DebBondHeadShotClient Profile 
  • Name: Debra Bond
  • Job Title: Student Health Center Director
  • School: The Cheshire Academy
  • Location: Cheshire, CT
  • Type: Grade 8 - PG, Coed College Preparatory Boarding & Day School
  • Size: 400 students (163 international, 260 boarders)
  • Website:

Debra Bond, MSN, PPCNP-BC, APRN has been the Director of the Cheshire Academy Richmond Center since 2004 and the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at the Academy since 2001.  As the Director and Nurse Practitioner, she assesses, diagnoses and manages minor episodic illnesses and injuries and helps manage and coordinate care for students with chronic illnesses, with emphasis in health promotion and disease prevention.  She works with a team of health professionals and faculty to provide primary and episodic healthcare for 400 domestic and international boarding and day students, including those with a variety of chronic illnesses. This team helps students attain and maintain their optimal level of health and wellness, by addressing their physical, emotional and social health needs.

Chas-Scarantino-landing-pageTo limit your school’s liability risks, you must protect students from all kinds of safety threats. It’s important to not only be prepared for the obvious and established threats, but also for the emerging threats that could catch you off-guard. One of those emerging threats relates to the management of student health information. To dig a little deeper into this topic, we did a brief Q&A with our CEO, Chas Scarantino.

Q: What types of student health information are schools managing today?

A: Schools have to manage any medical information required for healthcare and treatment, concussions, enrollment, or attendance purposes. Data on immunizations, sports physical data, consent to dispense prescription or over the counter medication, consent to treat, action plans, and health history are just a few of the many types of health information that schools may be managing. Nearly all of this information is private information, and as such, it presents liability for a school if it is handled incorrectly.


If you've been following us for a while, you know that we like to spend time volunteering in the community - not for good karma points, but because we really do enjoy it. We've made arts and crafts with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County, we've held dodgeball tournaments to benefit local school health services, and this year, we decided to use Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as another opportunity to volunteer our time.

Thanks to the United Way and their Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, finding volunteer opportunities was easy. The hard part was deciding which volunteer project to be a part of. We decided on gardening, then got ready to throw on torn jeans and old tennis shoes. "Gardening" is a loose term, though. In all actuality we were trailblazers with shovels.

john_krahnert_circleHave you ever wondered how software goes from zero to a finished, working product? I know I do. It's such a mysterious and magical process! Sometimes I wonder if we have Keebler Elves working behind the scenes at Magnus Health. But then I remember that we just have a talented team of software engineers that turn ideas into a working reality. Our engineers are basically human 3-D printers when you think about it.

But after our engineers (or Keebler Elves) successfully build a new feature for school health centers, there's still work to be done. This is where John Krahnert comes in. He helps make sure that each newly created software feature is up to par. How? We'll discuss that in just a minute. But first, I'm more intrigued to find out how a reporter/editor-turned-flight-instructor found his way to Quality Assurance at a software startup.

Client Profile 
  • Name: Ashley McCauley
  • Job Title: Health and Wellness Director
  • School: The Westminster School
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Type: K-12 Private, Day School
  • Size: 1,856 students
  • Website:

Prior to joining Westminster as the Director of Health & Wellness, Ashley worked at Scottish Rite Hospital, where she served as a registered nurse in the Aflac Blood Disorder and Cancer Center. Prior to working at Scottish Rite, she was a nurse in pediatric hematology-oncology in South Bend, IN, and her hometown of Greenville, SC. Ashley received her nursing degree from the Medical College of Georgia.

In a previous blog, we covered new research for independent school nurses and health services, and we gave an overview of the 2013-14 Annual Report of Independent School Health Services. Now, it's time to dig a little deeper and look at the staff and facilities that make school health services possible. To segment and analyze data, we asked respondents a series of questions focused on each school’s...

Academy_CapIf the first Magnus Academy is any indication, a lot of Magnus school nurses and other staff are going to have a great time in Raleigh next July. We're planning Academy 2015 like it's our job, and we're going to make it even better than last year! We've taken the feedback from last year's attendees, and we're doing our very best to make all their suggestions happen. So, it is with great confidence that I tell you, Academy 2015 is going to be bigger, have more training opportunities, more sessions, more chances to meet and work with Magnus staff in person, and there may even be a surprise (or two).

When you reach out to our Client Services team for help, you know we are going to assist you as quickly and thoroughly as humanly possible.

But did you know there are a few things you can do to help us help you even faster and more accurately? Here are four things that our savviest customers do when reaching out to Magnus Client Services.

Saturday was a comfortable 79 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze. All I needed was some sunscreen and four hours of dodgeball. I got both at the 2nd Annual Raleigh International Dodgeball Charity Challenge.

We were competing against an NCSU football game, a motor cycle rally, and four other festivals in surrounding areas, but those things didn't stop us. Saturday, from 10-2, top notch dodgeball was on display, and Bandwidth claimed the title, all in an effort to raise awareness and money for Wake County school health services. Our mission: Identify children with health needs that have gone unidentified due to lack of access to care, and ensure they receive the care they so badly need.

Emily-Williams-new-landing-pageIn a world of 140-character Tweets, automated phone calls, and scripted conversations, it's sometimes hard to stumble upon genuine interactions. You wonder if you're talking to a person or a machine, and if you're actually being heard. That's why it's a relief to meet people like Emily Williams, a Magnus Health Account Executive.

Emily gets what it means to be human - to hold two-way conversations, to laugh, and to be a little quirky. As one of the first people you may ever talk to at Magnus, she'll make sure your first impression of us is, well... human. And if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet, read on and say hello.

Charts. Notes. Treatments. Screenings. Logs. Reports. Visits. Whatever you call them (I prefer treatment notes) the documentation you make on student visits and treatment is important. Check that, very important.Chart

Every time a student is treated at the health center, a record needs to be in place, not only for the sake of protecting the health care provider, and the school, but more importantly so that the student has a complete health history. With a full student health history, providers can look at the total picture of health, observe trends, accurately note when something occurred, when a shot was given, or simply note that the student is a frequent flier to the health center.

The ratio goal for school nurses to students is 1 to 750. In Wake County, we are well short of that with a current ratio of 1 nurse for every 2,400 kids. These nurses are tasked with the significant responsibility of identifying and developing care plans for every student with an identified issue within the first 30 days of school. In that same 30 days, faculty and staff must be trained as well. These tasks consume the first month of the year. The remainder of the year is spent managing these students, constantly evaluating their plans, and identifying new students. Oh, and did I mention these nurses make house calls too?

Over the next three years, the Wake County Human Services Board of Commissioners has committed to employ 40 new nurses at Wake County Schools. These new nurses, along with the current staff, will be deployed across Wake County with a focus on the schools with the highest need (identified health issues). This is called an acuity model, and it is a great start, but there is a problem.

smaller_for_blogMagnus Academy 2014 will live in history books as the event that started it all. For the very first time, we hosted two and half thrilling days of training for Magnus customers, with a splash (or two, or three) of fun. We laughed, we cheered, we learned, and most importantly, we connected. And, for anyone who wasn't able to attend our first Magnus Academy, don't worry. This is your chance to see what all of the fuss was about.

Have some tech questions and want a quick, concise answer? We thought so. That's why we put together these 10 tech tips to address the most frequent questions we receive from Magnus clients. The beauty is, they benefit the non-Magnus user as well. In fact, my gut tells me that after putting the tips into practice, everyone will be giving them a thumbs up.


Jordan-MatthewsIt’s rush time. And by “rush time,” I mean grab your ponchos, because it’s raining phone calls at Magnus HQ. Just last week our Help Desk received over 900 calls. Compared to the number of phone calls you and I receive each day (probably less than five, unless it’s your birthday), that’s an overwhelming number. It's an ambitious task to manage all of these calls, and we've been graced by the presence of Jordan Matthews, Help Desk Manager extraordinaire, to do just that. She's our secret weapon when it comes to keeping parents and students happy, and she does it all with the perfect mix of spunk and cheer.

Client Profile Will_Everett

  • Name: Will Everett
  • Title: Athletic Trainer
  • School: Newton Country Day School
  • Location: Newton, MA
  • Type: Grades 5-12 Private, Catholic school for girls
  • Size: 420 students
  • Website:

Will Everett has worked as a certified and licensed Athletic Trainer since 2001 at both Emerson College and Newton Country Day School. At Newton he teaches Anatomy to juniors and seniors, assists the Athletic Director, serves as a moderator for the Peer Education Committee, and is a high school student advisor. This year he has been working on a committee with other faculty and staff members at Newton to incorporate a Wellness curriculum for the high school students. As an American Red Cross instructor, Everett also teaches First Aid and CPR/AED courses within the Newton community. With his teenage daughter, he delivers food twice a month for the Food for Families pantry at the Sanger Center in Quincy, MA.

For the third year in a row, we're celebrating National School Nurses Week by honoring some very special school health professionals with the Achievement in School Health Excellence (ASHE) Award. From over 200 nominations, 10 finalists were selected, and based off of the people's vote, we're pleased to announce the two ASHE Award winners and eight finalists. Without further ado, the winners of the 2014 ASHE Award are Jackie Baker, of King's Way Christian Schools, and Debra Bond, of Cheshire Academy. Both recipients will receive a $1,500 grant for their health center, and a personalized plaque. Keep reading to see the glowing nominations submitted for each of these fantastic women by their peers and colleagues. ASHE_check,_awards

Nina-Gervase-314Shouldn't everyone have an advocate? We think so. Meet Nina Gervase, the Magnus Health Client Account Advocate. Her job is exactly what it sounds like: advocating for our clients' needs - from setting schools up with new SMR features, to creating solutions for tricky situations. Whatever a client's needs may be, Nina has their back. She's so dedicated, in fact, that she played a critical role in developing our new client Training Site. (More on that below.)

The first quarter of 2014 has come to an end, and hopefully with it, all the cold, snow, and ice. As we look forward to the second quarter, and embrace the 70+ degree temperatures, let's take a look back at all the Magnus activity over the last several months.