User-Friendly Health Tracking Software Features

Software for schools that is simple, portable, and always available to support you and your
student needs

Magnus Health at a Glance

COVID-19 Health Tracking

A way for schools to screen their students, faculty and
staff prior to school.

Data Security and Record Protection

Reduce data security risks associated with the storage and accessibility of protected health information (PHI) with role-based permission settings and encrypted messaging.

Immunization Compliance

Effectively manage immunizations with a nightly data sync from your state registry (available in most states), and digital tracking of requirements, exemptions, and waivers.

Emergency Response System

Provide staff secure access to vital student health information in case of an emergency while on or off campus via a secure mobile app.

Seamless Software Integrations

Utilize a streamlined integration that offers an automated nightly student data sync with your current Student Information System (SIS).

Collect and Track Forms Online

Create and manage custom student forms on one online
platform to save your school valuable time and resources.

Student Health Management

Efficiently manage medications, utilize treatment notes, and chart student health visits in an online portal.

Track Student Athlete Health

Monitor student athletes after an injury using real-time treatment notes, injury statistics, and participation eligibility reports.

Streamline Parent Communication

Simplify student form submission by allowing families to provide information digitally and to upload health forms using their mobile device.

“The Magnus system is always improving…It has streamlined the process and enables me to access from anywhere there is internet.”

-Jan Lindsay Nurse at Waring School

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