User Friendly Software Features

Software that is simple, quick, and always available to support you and your
student needs

Magnus Health at a Glance

Save Time and Money

Schools save valuable time and resources by effortlessly creating and tracking custom student forms on one online platform.

Integrate With Your Current SIS

Magnus seamlessly integrates with your current system, and your student and parent information automatically syncs to Magnus.

Increase Parent Compliance

Simple online form submission ensures higher compliance for schools, while automated emails reminders keep parents up-to-date on approaching deadlines.

Emergency Access at Your Fingertips

Teachers and coaches can quickly access vital health information on a secure mobile app in case of an emergency in the classroom, on a field trip, and during sporting events.

Deliver Better Student Care

Nurses can easily manage medications, track immunizations, add treatment notes, and access student health information online.

Track Student Athlete Health

Athletic coaches and nurses can keep track of an athlete after an injury using real-time treatment notes.

“The Magnus system is always improving…It has streamlined the process and enables me to access from anywhere there is internet.”

-Jan Lindsay Nurse at Waring School

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