A pioneer in the world of K-12 health software [Employee Spotlight]

Allen-Cobb-landing-pageYou’ve probably heard us talk about Magnus Health’s Chief Product Officer, Allen Cobb, before. In fact, you may have even met Allen in person. You can easily find him presenting the Annual Report at conferences, leading sessions at Magnus Academy, or visiting with one of our integration partners. 

Allen wears all sorts of hats at Magnus, but one thing is for sure: He’s an innovative guy with a talent for creating big ideas. But don’t let his go-getter attitude fool you. Allen also likes to have fun, and you can usually find him cracking dad jokes or showing off his 1980’s dance moves in between meetings.

But before we get into that, let’s start at the beginning.

Allen + Magnus

When Allen first joined Magnus, it was all because of a two-sentence email from Magnus CEO, Chas Scaratino. But before that strange turn of fate, he was just a North Carolina boy spending time in the fast-paced world of Washington D.C.

You see, Allen grew up and went to school in North Carolina (UNC Tarheels, anyone?), but he knew that he needed to branch out at some point, and what better place to branch out than in the nation’s capital? I could think of a few less stressful places, but that’s beside the point.

During his time in D.C., Allen worked at places like USA Today and The Advisory Board Company to hone in his graphic design and marketing skills. It was a huge growing and learning experience for him, and has proven to be invaluable to his job today. When reminiscing on his time in Washington, Allen said the best part of the whole experience was working with talented and brilliant people.

But at the end of the day, Allen always knew he wanted to come back home to North Carolina. The good news for Allen is that he’s still surrounded by talented and brilliant people here, too (oh, and don’t forget good looking).

Allen + Magnus firsts

Being the point-person for product development at Magnus means that Allen is part of a lot of “firsts.” Why? Because he has a knack (and a passion) for looking at what’s missing in the K-12 health software and health services industries, then creating a solution.

Case in point: The Annual Research Questionnaire of Independent School Health Services and its corresponding Annual Report. Allen got the ball rolling on this project because independent schools previously didn’t have access to health services data specific to their schools. It was a case of problem-solving: Applying technology, best practices, and bringing people together – all of Allen’s favorite things. Fast forward a year later, and that data is now available to independent schools across the country. 

The firsts don’t stop at the Annual Report, though. Magnus Academy was another big idea that became a reality thanks to Allen (and many helping hands). It was the first time that Magnus customers from all across the U.S. gathered here in our hometown of Raleigh for training and networking – and it was a major success. As Allen put it, “It was a huge compliment to see people come [to Academy]. It was a milestone for us to wake up and know it was a reality that we could do it.”

That’s inspiring stuff, if I do say so myself.

Building and maintaining relationships

Regardless of which hat he’s wearing, or which big idea he’s planning, one thing is certain: Allen is a people person. He likes meeting new people, and talking with old friends. As his grandfather once said, “Every day that you don’t meet somebody new is a day wasted.” And now, Allen follows that philosophy to a tee. He builds relationships everywhere he goes, and never turns down the opportunity to meet someone new.

Quick Facts

  • When Allen orders Jimmy John’s for lunch, he always orders the same sandwich. “It’s just easier,” Allen says.
  • He began working when he was 14 years young. He got his start at a local beach store in his hometown of Wilmington, NC.
  • Allen is basically fearless. Or maybe he just won’t admit his fears to the media…
  • His first car was a minivan. That’s right, folks. Allen Cobb sported a minivan at 19 years old, and he’s itching to get another one.
  • Allen loves to dance. In his own words, his dancing was “constructed in high school, refined in college, and perfected on the wedding circuit.”
  • If he had to, Allen would eagerly go door-to-door to sell Magnus SMR. That’s how much he loves it.

Now it’s your turn to be a part of Allen’s big ideas. Learn more about a Magnus first below!