Adding faculty emergency information to Magnus [Client Success Story]

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Adding faculty emergency information to Magnus [Client Success Story]

Client Profile 
  • Name: Ashley McCauley
  • Job Title: Health and Wellness Director
  • School: The Westminster School
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Type: K-12 Private, Day School
  • Size: 1,856 students
  • Website:

Prior to joining Westminster as the Director of Health & Wellness, Ashley worked at Scottish Rite Hospital, where she served as a registered nurse in the Aflac Blood Disorder and Cancer Center. Prior to working at Scottish Rite, she was a nurse in pediatric hematology-oncology in South Bend, IN, and her hometown of Greenville, SC. Ashley received her nursing degree from the Medical College of Georgia.

1ABEE270-BC91-4BD0-A9A7-49B952204413[8]The Westminster School in Atlanta wanted and needed a solution to the tedious and mostly manual process of student health information collection and management. “We had parents completing paper health forms, which were printed and stored in the clinic. Student rosters and pertinent health information were entered manually in the current system. It was very time consuming and required individual review, filing and input of data. We were copying forms and creating binders for trips frequently,” explained Ashley McCauley, Health and Wellness Director.

So, the team at Westminster set out to find the solution. And they did their homework. “We did a very in-depth review before choosing a company for our student health data,” McCauley said. Westminster was looking for a system that allowed parents to input data directly, and Magnus provided that, along with the ability to customize treatment notes for the nurses.

With the decision to use Magnus made, all that had to be done was implement the software – a task that requires input and cooperation from all the stakeholders, and Westminster only had three weeks to work with. But, as McCauley described, “Implementation went as smoothly as possible. We had a very tight timeframe, which Magnus was able to meet. As we encountered questions or issues the Magnus staff was attentive and helpful in resolving.”

Now, Westminster enjoys a much improved, streamlined process without binders. “It has eased the ability to access health information across divisions, greatly cut down on paperwork, and improved communication between the nurses and parents,” McCauley noted.

In addition, when it comes to trips and emergencies, Westminster is more prepared with the Magnus Mobile app and Magnus911, which they have already used “to send emergency health information to a receiving hospital for our students,” McCauley said. Not only is the student’s health in better hands with these tools, so is the security of the information. According to McCauley, “Magnus 911 and the mobile app are a secure way to send student data in an emergency and get rid of paper copies and binders that could breach confidentiality.”

With much success on the student, parent, and departmental fronts, Westminster expanded the use of Magnus in the school to include faculty. “We realized the need to also have emergency information accessible for our employees. They will be able to put in information at their discretion and know that is secure but available to the nurses should we need to reach a family member or respond to a medical issue,” McCauley explained.

And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about – providing the best care for students and faculty possible. Asked if she had any advice or words of wisdom for other schools considering Magnus, McCauley said, “Magnus will improve the communication around student health across your campus. The process connects parents with nurses, trainers, and counselors.”

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