Advocating for clients [Employee Spotlight]

Nina-Gervase-314Shouldn’t everyone have an advocate? We think so. Meet Nina Gervase, the Magnus Health Client Account Advocate. Her job is exactly what it sounds like: advocating for our clients’ needs – from setting schools up with new SMR features, to creating solutions for tricky situations. Whatever a client’s needs may be, Nina has their back. She’s so dedicated, in fact, that she played a critical role in developing our new client Training Site. (More on that below.)

Nina + Magnus

It may sound too good to be true, but Magnus Health is a perfect fit for Nina. She obtained her degree in psychology, and Nina is adamant that it helps her relate to clients. Although she can’t quite mind-read, Nina’s background does help her listen, interpret, and develop solutions. Most importantly, she feels confident in her ability to tailor the way she delivers information based on the audience she’s speaking to. Given that she speaks to a variety of audiences, this is a very, very good thing.

Combining her natural skills with three years of both sales and client experience at Magnus, Nina knows the product inside and out. So how does she get in the zone to help our clients? Whether she’s at home or at her desk, she counts on her computer, phone, headset, and coffee to get her through the day. With those four things, she’s unstoppable.

Nina + Training Site

If there’s one thing Nina is most excited about this year, it’s the release of the Magnus Health Training Site. She’s literally been “begging for it to happen,” and now here we are! Nina listened to the school nurses and athletic trainers she interacts with and recognized their need for improved resources. She often found herself creating how-to’s and checklists to send to individual nurses, which garnered a wonderful response. Nina’s resources are easy to follow, and they provide nurses with the solutions they need – so why not create a centralized location for all of them? Good thinking, Nina.

As the idea came together, Nina was honored to be asked to assist (heavily) with the site’s development. What she’s most eager about now is unveiling the site to all of the nurses who have been anticipating it just as much as she has. 


Changing the world, one happy nurse at a time

Nina is an everyday superstar, and it shows both in her efforts creating the Training Site, and her passion for better care and service. When asked about her favorite part of being the Client Account Advocate, Nina said, hands down, having clients cheer at the end of a call is the best. In her own words, “I never knew I could do so much with Magnus.” Nina even shared a few nicknames clients have given her, including “Magic” and “Magnus Elf.”

But the “Magic” doesn’t stop there. Nina is always working toward a goal for the future: a goal of making tomorrow better than today – for everyone. Inspired by her late husband’s courage and fight with cancer, she knows that life is too short to not do great things. Now, as she celebrates a new chapter in her life, and her role as a parent to four children, making school health care as easy as possible just makes sense. It means the nurses she works with can care for their students more easily, keeping the future CEOs and innovators of the world healthy.

Quick Facts

  • Nina’s favorite Magnus feature is “the passion behind the people!” 
  • She has zero plans to move back to New Jersey. The thought of northern weather induces “way too much stress.”
  • Her favorite Pandora stations include Yoga and Chris Tomlin.
  • She has 4 children, and they have their own version of her job description: “Mommy puts nurses online.”
  • Known affectionately around the office as the unofficial Recycling Sheriff, Nina won’t let you near a trashcan if you’re holding a recyclable.
  • Her least favorite part about working at the office is having a kitchen upstairs. Nobody has time for stairs, especially Nina.