Athletic Trainer Appreciation Month

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Athletic Trainer Appreciation Month

In honor of National Athletic Trainer month, Magnus would like to put the spotlight on all of the school Athletic Trainers out there! National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about the valued work of the Athletic Trainers. They work hard to prevent athlete injuries as well as to treat them, and to make sure that the students recover and can get back on the field as quickly as possible.

Just like the Health Staff in schools, one of the goals of Athletic Trainers and Coaches is to provide the best treatment & care for their student athletes. This includes improving the way they monitor and track student injuries. What is the best way for Athletic staff to stay up to date on student sports physical compliance, to document injuries, to add treatment notes and updating injury statuses? The answer is: with an electronic Student Health Record (SHR) solution like
Magnus Health.

bigstock-Male-High-School-Basketball-Te-66904900An SHR provides a safe and secure platform for Athletic Trainers to have access to vital student health information right at their fingertips. Athletic staff can stay up to date on game day eligibility and treatment statuses for students participating during the sports season. SHR software also enables both the Health and the Athletic departments to stay well informed about an athlete’s well being and eliminates the extra work required to efficiently communicate between the two departments.This is a great solution for away games when accessibility to vital health information may otherwise be limited.

Student Health Record systems streamline daily responsibilities for Athletic Trainers by:

  • Providing secure access to student athlete information and forms for school staff and parents.
  • Keeping health records easily accessible through a cloud-based portal.
  • Improving communication of critical data across campus and with parents.
  • Giving staff permission based access to student information on-the-go from anywhere through any ‘smart’ mobile device.
  • Planning and coordinating student athlete care, tracking injury progress, and making the important decision on when it is safe for the student to participate in physical activities.
  • Streamlining compliance reporting for game day & practice eligibility.

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to learn more about how Athletic Trainers can streamline documentation on student athlete injuries and improve cross-departmental communication. Cheers to the school Athletic Trainers nationwide! We appreciate all that you do to keep our student athletes healthy and fit.