Auto Roster Import

We get really excited when new SMR features make school staff lives easier. If it just so happens that the same feature also makes our own lives easier, you certainly won’t hear us complain. Our newest feature, Auto Roster Import (ARI) checks both of those boxes. Auto_Roster_Import_131x140

ARI functions much like its name sounds – it automates the school roster import process. Convenient, right? It really is. It’s quick and easy, and allows schools to create a CSV file, or export it from a third party, and import that roster information into Magnus, thereby updating names, contact information, and more. The beauty is that schools have the ability to sync data and update information en masse whenever they’d like. Have a big group of new students you’d like to add to the system? ARI can handle that. Want to update cell phone numbers or emails every month? Week? Day? Done, done, and done.

Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) keeps student information secure, and automation ensures student information is current. The benefits to schools are simple:

  1. Increased frequency – you choose how often the updates take place
  2. Decreased turnaround time – with an automated process, turnaround time goes from roughly one business day down to 30 minutes. That’s a savings of 23.5 hours. Not too shabby!

When you hop aboard the ARI service train, you will work with the data team and Magnus to construct your first full import. We will of course work with you to establish the initial import, and train you on how to take full advantage of ARI. With ARI, you can include your full roster and any updates to existing rows of data (i.e., a parent changes their cell phone number) will be processed, as well as new students being added to your account.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. We’ve worked to make this process as easy and convenient as possible for you. If you’d like to learn more, we’ve made that pretty simple too.