Electronic vs. Automated

“We are already automated.” This is a comment that keeps coming up in my conversations with different schools health centers. When I dig further, what they are really saying is that they are electronic, which means they have a database managing their health information. There are several differences between having an automated system like Magnus Health Student Medical Record and an electronic medical record system.

One subtle automation is product updates. Because our system is web based, all you need is an internet portal to gain access to our suite of tools. With Magnus Health there is no software to install. There are no maintenance contracts and all upgrades are included in our fee. This means when we roll out new features they automatically are received by all.

Where the rubber meets the road of automation is data entry. Magnus Health SMR interfaces directly with the student/parent. All the data entered into our SMR is put there from the student/parent directly. Additionally, Magnus Health SMR lets the student, parent, or doctor’s office fax their medical documentation directly to their account. Our automated computer system identifies the student by the imbedded bar code, scans the document and places it safely in that individuals file. This is all done without human intervention. All of your school’s student medical information that is collected is organized for quick and easy review by the school nurse at their convenience. For an entirely automated process; Magnus Health offers document review by our licensed registered nurses.

Henry Ford’s introduction of the moving assembly line automated automobile production. This automation increased efficiency and significantly lowered the amount of time it required to build an automobile, thus lowering costs. What Ford’s assembly line did for automobile production, Magnus Health SMR can do for the collection and processing of your schools health and medical information.