School Health Software: The beauty of a web-based vital health record

Magnus Health
June 24, 2011
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School Health Software: The beauty of a web-based vital health record

tech_laptop,_typing_on_mac_4_smallerEvery year, schools collect health history and emergency contact information, and almost every year the information remains the same. Parents are required to complete form after form with information that was provided to the school the previous year. Wouldn’t it be great cimply the whole process by completing the forms online? Wouldn’t it be even better if parents can log in and simply update/verify the information every year thereafter?

That is the beauty and benefit of a web-based Vital Health Record (VHR). Parents use the VHR to complete student health forms the first year their child enters the school. Before the beginning of each school year from then on, the parent would simply be required to log on to their student’s account, update/verify that the information is still correct and make any necessary changes online – no paperwork gets sent to the school. Imagine how happy parents will be when they no longer have to reinvent the wheel year after year. Imagine how happy the school will be to save on printing and paper costs. Imagine the efficiency for both the parents and the school in reviewing and updating the information.

VHR ensures that all information gathered is comprehensive: no questions can be left unanswered. Schools will no longer be left to assume that an allergy does not exist if the question is left blank – the VHR requires users to select a “yes” or “no” answer. If a “yes” is chosen, the parent will immediately be prompted to provide more information. In the example of a “yes” to an allergy, a parent would instantly need to select: type of allergy, severity, reaction, date of last reaction, whether or not an Epi Pen is needed and a place for the parent to type notes. This attention to detail is carried throughout the VHR. With matters as important as our children’s health, we want to be sure that we are as thorough and specific as possible.

Don’t wait for another year of forms to pile up. We’re here to help you make the transition to web-based school health software, and it begins with your free product demonstration.