Eliminate the paper chase next fall! Send us your Legacy Data””

Magnus Health
June 3, 2011
2 Minute Read

Eliminate the paper chase next fall! Send us your Legacy Data””

A recurring theme in my conversations with school nurses lately has sounded a lot like this:

“I would absolutely love to start using Magnus for next year, but we have already sent out our forms to parents for next year!”  I actually love hearing this because of the sigh of relief I hear on the other end of the phone when I respond, “That’s actually great news. We can collect and convert all of those forms to our system for you when you return next fall.”

So just think: the enormous chore of record collection and review that you dread all summer long could disappear with a little “Magnus magic”. Any records, (and we mean ANY records) that you have collected or are in the process of collecting can be sent to us to upload to your account.  Once you receive your immunization records, consent forms, medication authorizations any form you collect from your students can be shipped to us (or send to us digitally- your choice). This means that it is never too late in the school year to begin working with us.

Consider the possibility of returning to school next fall to have all of your student’s health information collected and neatly organized by your school and student-specific requirements. Whether they are forms you have collected over the summer or forms you collected long ago makes no difference. And if you’d like to go a step further, we can even review your documents for you. A Magnus-staff nurse, aware of all of your state and school-specific requirements can review all of your student’s records for you, removing the entire burden of record collection and review from your plate entirely.

You have enough hats to wear when you return to school each fall without having to add “file clerk” to the list. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and devote your energies toward what you are really meant to be, a nurse.