No news, not good news

When forms don’t apply to certain students – like asthma or allergy action plans – many students and parents simply ignore the forms.  For the minority of students who deal with specific conditions, completing the forms is a yearly habit.  To the majority of students, the forms are wasted paper.  But, does a student or parent ignoring the form really mean they don’t have a condition?  Can you be certain that the stack of forms you have in the diabetes or food allergy folders are exhaustive?  Are you sure there aren’t a few students with a condition who simply didn’t submit their paperwork?

This is a case of no news, not being good news.  If the student or parent is not faced each year with the mandatory questions, you as a school cannot be certain that you have all of your students’ conditions documented.  But, with Magnus Health’s SMR, you can force students and parents to actively answer yes or no to any condition.  By asking them a Yes/No question, such as “Has the student ever been diagnosed with asthma?” students and parents can answer accordingly.  If they answer No, they simply move on to another question, without further paperwork.  With a Yes answer, they are prompted to complete the required documentation. 

Thus, you’ve collected a positive or negative response from each and every student –  “Yes, I do have asthma.” “No, I do not have diabetes.”  Moving forward you can distribute the required paperwork only to those students who require it, saving time and money.  And, because you have a documented answer on file for each and every student, you can easily report those numbers with confidence, and both students and the school are protected.