Sports Physical Compliance

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Sports Physical Compliance

Where does your school store incoming student health forms? Before students can participate in sports, they have to submit a physical examination form, but then what? Does that form go to the nurse? The front office? The coach? Are multiple copies made and stored in a folder that’s kept on the bench or sideline, where others could access the information?

With paper forms, there is no guarantee that the confidentiality of the forms you receive will remain uncompromised unless you and only you sit by them 24 hours a day, each and every day of the week. In addition to guarding the records, you’d also need to travel with them to every single sporting event so that the information is available, but remains private.

Aside from privacy concerns, how do you determine if all required information has been received and is correct so that an athlete can participate? If your current system is manual, or you’re tracking the information in a spreadsheet, you run the risk of having data that doesn’t match up with the most recent health information that you received. Your spreadsheet might show that you’re missing a student’s physical when it’s actually sitting in the filing cabinet, stuck to another sheet of paper. Likewise, a student might be accidentally marked off as complete, allowing them to play in practice or a game without the correct information on file.

These possibilities add up to potentially comprised information, and paper forms that require constant attention and review. The most efficient solution to this administrative headache is an online record management system. With user permissions, passwords, military-level encryption, and immediate updates, a web-based system removes paper from your desk and allows you to control who has access to what information and when.  And like some of our current customers, you too can achieve 100 percent compliance with sports physicals on day one, review an entire student body’s records in one afternoon (sans paper cuts), and engage local physicians in the process.

No longer is it necessary to make copies of physicals to give to coaches. No longer must you lock the filing cabinet, or sit on watch 24 hours a day. Run your spreadsheet or manual records through the shredder because a digital system provides reporting that always matches the information submitted. Timely visibility over collected forms will give you confidence that your school is compliant with state or district regulations.  With increased efficiency, maximized time, and protection from the risks of paper health records, what’s not to like? Perhaps even love?