School health center cost concerns for business officers

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School health center cost concerns for business officers


We’ve addressed some important health center considerations for business officers, but what about costs? Every component of a school costs money. It doesn’t matter if the costs are associated with buildings, books, teachers, insurance, or liability protection – every piece adds up. Then, it’s up to business officers to determine and manage the accompanying budgets.

A school health center is often seen as a cost, and only a cost. But the health center is a business unit too, and needs to be treated as such. Do you know all the costs of your health center? From daily operations, to mailing and printing medical forms, time spent making compliance phone calls, emergency preparedness plans and supplies, action plans, form processing, management, and storage, insurance, etc.

Do you know the costs? The exact costs? Are you getting a return on any of these items? Are you prepared, with information backed up multiple times, if emergency does strike? Are you confident that information is secure so unauthorized individuals can’t access it? Are you also confident that information is readily available to those who are authorized at all times? Is your health center liability and risk as low as possible?

Those are a lot of questions, but each one is vital to understanding your health center’s effectiveness and ROI. As a business officer, you have to look at the daily operations, as well as overarching operations. You have to analyze the processes, and recognize vulnerabilities, as well as identify opportunities for reducing costs, and increasing efficiency and savings.

Are you ready to find out your excact school health center costs?