Upcoming SMR software features!

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Upcoming SMR software features!

I’ve been told, “Nobody likes a tease.” I don’t believe it. Every movie trailer is a tease, every dust jacket is a tease, and every time I walk down the ice cream aisle, it is most certainly a tease. But there are worse things in the world. Perhaps you’ve read/watched the news lately?

But, back to the business at hand. I’ve come to work today to provide you a brief software tease of what’s to come in SMR. In less than two weeks, several features enhancements will be live, and trust me when I tell you – they’re going to make you feel like you’re being nuzzled by 10 week old puppies – provided you like puppies. If you don’t, you should probably see a physician.

Below you’ll find what’s in store. Please do not feel obligated to contain your excitement.


charts – So you’ve recorded a note in a student’s chart, and later on, you need to make a follow up note. We created addendums for just that purpose. An addendum will be linked to a previously created, primary chart note, and can be created using the same or different template. That’s good because Timmy had a stomach ache in the nurse’s office before lunch, and later during soccer practice, he became ill again. So the nurse created a chart note for Timmy in the morning, and the athletic trainer can now add an athletic addendum. So simple.

 – You’ve seen a number of stomach bugs this year in the health center, not just with Timmy. So, you want to search all of your charts to see just how many contain the words, “stomach ache” (or whatever search words you’d like to use). Your search results are going to include all notes containing the words “stomach ache”. The beauty is that all notes related to those search results will also display – even if they don’t contain those search terms – so you’re not looking at treatment information out of context.

 – Ever wish you could determine how many students you treated, or chart notes you made, or how much of your time it took for any given period of time? Now you can with Chart Insights. Visualize a summary of total notes, total and average time, and reasons by template. Enjoy!



 – Want to note that you administered a medication? We’re not going to stop you. Click Yes and Submit, and automatically create a medication administration note for that student.

 – Want to add a comment? You can do that too. Maybe you administered the last pill you have on hand, and you want to note that in the chart – you can do that.

 – And if you’re a fan of printing, you can do that too. Print a list of students who receive medication by times – breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. – and view the information in hard copy if that’s easier for you.

That was more than just a tease. I hope that’s okay with you. Want to see these features in action right now? Request a demo and we’ll be tickled pink to oblige.