Developing SMR [Employee Spotlight]

Dan-LombardiThere’s a special place at Magnus for all of our tech-savvy developers and IT folks, and that’s the upstairs realm (literally, they all work upstairs). If you’re brave enough to enter, you’ll find some of the brightest men and women around, all working tirelessly to make Magnus Health SMR the best school health software possible for staff, students, and parents.

Dan Lombardi is no exception to this rule. He’s one of those special tech-savvy developers, and every time a parent or student logs into their Magnus account to fill out a Vital Health Record, they are directly interacting with one of Dan’s projects. Pretty neat, right?

Dan + Magnus

Dan’s journey to Magnus is a little unique, seeing as it all started with scuba diving. Yes, scuba diving. You see, Dan is pretty involved with scuba, and when he started working for a local scuba shop, he noticed that its website was in need of a little face lift. Naturally, he offered to re-design the site, but little did he know, this act of good faith would set his interest in technology in stone. When he saw an opportunity at Magnus, his proactive website redesign was the stamp of excellence that set him apart and made him a perfect fit.

Fast forward three years, and Dan is now the proud owner of a degree from North Carolina State University and has earned the title of “one of the regulars” here at the office.

Dan + Vital Health Record

After stretching his land feet and (temporarily) hanging his scuba gear up to dry, Dan’s first big project at Magnus was to redesign the Vital Health Record. His goal: make it easier for users to fill out. Sounds simple, right? Not quite. In the programming world, one “simple” fix takes months of planning, development, testing, and re-testing. As Dan put it, the process was “slightly nerve wracking.” But all is well that ends well – the result was a brand new, customizable, and easy to use form that captures everything from student health history to emergency contacts.

Shattering preconceived notions

Dan doesn’t believe in coloring within the lines – he’d rather create a custom masterpiece. So, when it comes to finding solutions and developing an enhanced product, our favorite Magnus saying of “everything can be done better” is something that flows freely through his programming veins. This very attitude means that Dan doesn’t let roadblocks stop him. Instead, he collaborates with his fellow developers and creates a new way to arrive at his goal.

Even better is that Dan doesn’t limit his talents to the software development team. When it came time to plan our inaugural RDU International Dodgeball Charity Challenge last year, Dan put his blood, sweat, and tears into the planning process. In fact, he admits that he became a little “obsessed,” but it was all for a good cause.

Quick Facts

  • One of Dan’s favorite past-times is playing the drums.
  • His original life dream was to chase tornadoes. Programming was the logical fall-back.
  • Dan doesn’t discriminate with his music choices. He listens to anything – well, anything but country.
  • In his free time, Dan makes candles (or “Dandles”) with his fiancée. His favorite scent? Christmas Tree.
Learn more about Dan’s work and see how the Vital Health Record can transform a school health center.