Forms requiring physician signature

We love Electronically Signed Documents, and we love helping schools switch traditional printed forms over to a secure customized online form that never needs to be printed. But as swell as ESD’s are, some schools (and state laws) still require a healthcare professional to sign paper forms. Over-the-counter medication forms and often action plans could require a scrawled “Dr. Jane Smith, MD” across the bottom to be accepted. So we’ve added a simple label that tells parents which blank forms need to go with them to see Dr. Jane.

In truth by the end of the summer, my back to school reality is dashing out the door to see Dr. Jane with an armful of papers and if I’m lucky, a giant iced coffee. There are quite a few Magnus moms and dads who fight the same back to school paperwork battle. So when one of the top requests from our parents was to create a clear way to see which forms need to be signed by a doctor, we were all ears. School nurses chimed in that this was a frustrating issue they also heard from parents, so really, this new feature was win-win.

So for parents (like me) who are flying out the door like Elphaba’s monkeys on the way to appointments, now they can easily see which forms they need to take with them to the doctor.

Schools can add a red “Physician’s signature required” label on print and sign documents that need special attention.


This label is shown for every requirement with the “Physician Signature Required” box checked in the requirement settings. Clients can find information on how to edit requirement settings on the training site.

From a parent’s perspective this new label clearly shows on their to-do list and gives them an at-a-glance warning that these documents require special attention from a healthcare professional. Think of it as a friendly reminder to help parents focus on what items may need advanced planning, as opposed to ESDs and text answers that can be completed at home. Physician’s signature is a small way we can help make the parent experience easy and painless, so all of us can get back to enjoying summer vacation while it lasts.