Holding down the Help Desk [Employee Spotlight]

Jordan-MatthewsIt’s rush time. And by “rush time,” I mean grab your ponchos, because it’s raining phone calls at Magnus HQ. Just last week our Help Desk received over 900 calls. Compared to the number of phone calls you and I receive each day (probably less than five, unless it’s your birthday), that’s an overwhelming number. It’s an ambitious task to manage all of these calls, and we’ve been graced by the presence of Jordan Matthews, Help Desk Manager extraordinaire, to do just that. She’s our secret weapon when it comes to keeping parents and students happy, and she does it all with the perfect mix of spunk and cheer.

Jordan + Magnus

Jordan was born and raised in North Carolina, never straying too far from home. But, she did stray when it came to college majors. During her time as an undergraduate at UNC-Greensboro, Jordan changed her major a good six times, trying out Physical Therapy, English, and Psychology, before finally settling upon African American Studies. She loved the classes she took and the information she learned, but she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it all…

Enter: Customer service! Jordan saved herself from becoming a lost soul in 2009 when she started her first customer service gig. After nearly three years of customer service in her hometown, and on the coast, she realized what she was doing wasn’t the right fit for her. The customer service part was wonderful, but she felt like a small fish in a very large ocean.

So, Jordan searched for a solution, and she found Magnus (or did we find her?). We were in the very early stages of customer support at that time, and were in desperate need of a leader – someone who wasn’t afraid to jump right in and get their hands dirty. Jordan was ready for the challenge.

Jordan + The original Help Desk

Okay, so Jordan’s first day admittedly wasn’t exactly as “challenging” as you may think. She joined the Magnus team on a day that happened to be one of our Teambuilding days (just picture a bunch of nerds who are cooped up for six months, then let free for a day of fun and games), so it wasn’t a typical work day.

But after that first day, things “got real.” Jordan essentially built our Help Desk from the ground up, using her previous experience to formulate a master plan, and taking ownership of our parent and student experience. As time went on and Magnus grew, Jordan showed just how great of a capacity she has for leadership. She hired Help Desk Agents to help her manage the volume of emails and calls, created extensive help articles, and upped the expectations for SMR parent and student support

Causing smiles, from ear to ear

It’s clear that Jordan knows what she’s doing, and that she lives to help our ever-growing number of SMR users. What’s even more clear is that Jordan understands how important each user is – because each SMR user isn’t another data point. Each user is a person, with a face and name. Each user is you or me. And Jordan gets that.

In fact, Jordan let me in on a few of her secrets to her success, and how she keeps everyone happy. They include:

  1. Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  2. Playing on the same team. Everyone is working together for the sake of a child’s health.
  3. Looking at our product from an outsider’s point of view.

Sounds kind of simple, right? Well, what she’s not telling you is that her secret ingredient is personality. This girl has spunk, and she’s one of the first people to make you laugh. She’s a real person, not a computer, and it shows.

Quick Facts

  • Jordan used to let work stress her out even at home. Now, she’s able to set it aside.
  • She’s the reason our office lives by a “no drama” motto. Drama isn’t fun.
  • Jordan has a precious Bull Terrier who happily greets her every evening.
  • Her mom is a retired police officer. Watch out!
  • Her favorite Magnus service is Electronically Signed Documents – because they save everyone time, and parents love them.