How to Convince the Decision Makers That Your School Needs a Student Health Record Software

Magnus Health
September 30, 2017
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How to Convince the Decision Makers That Your School Needs a Student Health Record Software

Do you need help convincing the budget masters that an electronic Student Health Record (SHR) software is exactly what your school needs to have a successful school year? Many schools pay for training and certifications each year, but fall short on providing the physical tools needed for health and athletics staff to be successful.

Often, the cost of tools such as an SHR software cause financial decision-makers to seriously consider the value of allocating budget resources for such a solution. However, while the cost should be a serious consideration, perhaps a more important question to ponder is this: what is the price of NOT having a SHR solution at your school? You’ve done your research and you know the benefits of tracking and managing student health information digitally, but you still find yourself in a metaphorical tug-o-war with your finance person… how do you show them the benefits of an SHR?

Build your case
Gather all of the information you’ve learned about SHR software and share it with them. The best way to show them the true value of implementing this online solution at your school, is to highlight the benefits.

  • Save Time – Schools can save an average of 3 weeks of administrative work a year by using an electronic record system.
  • Go Paperless – Start charting health visits, athletic injuries, and document incident reports as soon as they happen.
  • Reduce Liability Threats – Storing Protected Health Information (PHI) and student medical information securely is crucial in liability reduction and parent satisfaction.
  • Get Mobile Access – When minutes matter, have immediate access to vital health information at your fingertips from any mobile device.

Share how an SHR solution will benefit your entire school
Many decision makers don’t realize that an SHR software benefits more than just the school nurse! 

  • Administration reduces liability & mitigates risk by providing staff with immediate mobile access to securely stored student health information in the event of an emergency.
  • Nurses deliver better student care by digitally managing student medication requirements, treatment notes, and vital health information.
  • Coaches and trainers have access to real-time treatment and injury notes online or via a mobile app to keep tabs on all the student athletes on and off campus.

Schools currently using an electronic Student Health Record system will assure you that the many benefits of using such a solution  by far outway the cost:


If after providing all of this information, the tug-o-war still continues, send in the big guns… Provide the decision makers with a copy of the 2016-2017 Annual Report ‘Health Care and Athletics Trends in Independent Schools’. This comprehensive research document spells out the best ways to improve Health and Athletic centers at Independent schools, including convincing quantitative data on the benefits of using a SHR system.