How to Have the Most Successful School Year With Magnus

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How to Have the Most Successful School Year With Magnus

How time flies! As the new school year kicks off, we wanted to provide some useful tips and tricks on how to prepare for a successful school year! At Magnus, we help over 540 schools to start off the school year on the right foot, and keep them well prepared throughout the school year. For those of you who do not currently use Magnus, don’t worry! This post will provide plenty of tips on how to have your best school year for Magnus clients and non-clients alike.

Fall is a great time to implement an Electronic Record System!
Many schools believe there is a right and wrong time to implement a Student Medical Record (SMR) solution like Magnus. Just because your school has already collected student forms for this school year, does not mean it’s too late to consider an SMR this Fall!  Your school can still implement Magnus for the 2017-18 school year to manage student forms and health information electronically! Three options available to schools right now:

  • Use legacy document processing so Magnus can help consolidate and upload all of your school’s forms into 1 place.
  • Magnus can import legacy data from an old system so your school does not have to start entering student forms from scratch.
  • The ability to use the Magnus phone app and chart student health right away. This can be done with limited data in the system, but is a very useful feature.

Find out more about how you can get Magnus for your school now!

Magnus Bootcamp Client Training 2017
Magnus will once again offer free, in-person software training sessions for our clients. During these sessions current users will:

  • Brush up on Magnus features such as using the Check-In feature with Treatment Notes & Treatment Note Drafts, creating Treatment Note Templates and Pre-Filled Notes.
  • Review some of the Best Practices for Clinic Alerts, Smart Lists and Reporting, and how to navigate Magnus efficiently.
This is a truly unique opportunity for clients to receive personalized Magnus training, to network with fellow software users, and to visit a local Magnus school. Look out for an email invite for a training near you! Below are the Fall 2017 Bootcamp Training Locations:

Roadshow 2017 locations 3.png







Magnus Roadshow 2017 providing a Live Demo to non-Magnus schools
As part of the Magnus Fall Roadshow, our team will be visiting schools in various cities around the country offering a Lunch & Learn session where schools who do not yet use Magnus can network with fellow independent school professionals who already use the Magnus software solution. You also have the option to schedule an onsite visit where we come to your school to show you and your staff how your school can benefit from using Magnus. Below are the locations we will be visiting near you! 

Roadshow 2017 locations.png

To find out more information or to register for an onsite demo check out our Roadshow Registration page! 

Don’t see a city near you? Let’s schedule a quick call to discuss the needs of your school and to show you a Live online demo of our Magnus solution.

Stay up To Date on Best Practices With Magnus Webinars
Every quarter, Magnus hosts an educational webinar featuring the latest best practices and trends. Each webinar focuses on a specific topic, and you will hear from a current Magnus client about their experience using Magnus, and how their school has benefited. Look out for our webinar invites each quarter or
sign up for the webinar this month!

Become a Magnus Master with Webinar Wednesdays for Clients
Clients stay up to date on training and learn about new Magnus features by attending Webinar Wednesday sessions. We will present new features, best practices, and answer questions during these sessions. Client webinars will give you the tools & resources you need to become a true Magnus Master! 

Master the Magnus Training Site for Clients
Clients, unsure about a new Magnus feature or just need a quick refresher? Check out the Magnus Training Site to get the most up to date guides and tutorials. Visit the User Guide or Checklist tab to get some helpful tips! Magnus updates these pages regularly to provide you with the most accurate training to ensure the user experience is a breeze.

Add Faculty Accounts to your Magnus SMR System
Magnus users are already collecting information and documenting visits on students in the Magnus platform, but it can also be used the same for Faculty & Staff! When minutes matter, faculty accounts help schools keep vital health information for faculty and staff secure and accessible. How do schools use Faculty Accounts?

  • Collect basic health and consent information via e-signature for everyone on campus, not just students!
  • Provide online documentation for medications and accident reports for school staff.
  • Have access to Magnus911 for everyone on campus!  

If you are currently using Magnus, check out the Fact Sheet to get started!

Utilize The Benefits of the State Registry Immunization Pull
Magnus Health has teamed up with State Immunization Information Registries across the U.S. to integrate state databases with the Magnus software. This allows schools to automatically pull complete student immunization records from their state registry into the Magnus platform.This eliminates the need for parents to upload student immunization records, and it optimizes compliance tracking, and allows access to the most up-to-date immunization history based on automated data sync.

At Magnus, our goal is to help school’s provide better student care. By utilizing the benefits Magnus offers, schools spend less time collecting, tracking, and managing paperwork and more time caring for students! We thank our clients for placing their trust in us and look forward to welcoming new schools into the Magnus family. Want to learn more? Find out how Magnus can make this year your best school year yet!