Keeping the books [Employee Spotlight]

Sam_Yaworski-718052-editedThere’s a vital, but often unseen world in business that most of us can’t understand no matter how hard we try. It involves long numbers, decimals, spreadsheets, and complex formulas, and it usually makes my head hurt.

That special and scary world is Finance, and we’re lucky enough to have a stellar Finance Team at Magnus Health who keeps us on track and makes sure that all the numbers (quite literally) add up.

One member of that team is Sam Yaworski, our Financial Analyst who manages a lot of nitty gritty tasks like invoices and closing the books. Her day-to-day may not be glamorous to you and me, but for someone who loves spreadsheets and organization, Sam is right at home.

Sam + Magnus

When Sam first joined Magnus, she began where most of us do: as an intern. While finishing up her studies at North Carolina State University (go Pack!), Sam got a head start on her accounting career by assisting our Director of Finance. When her diploma was finalized, she permanently joined our team and became an essential member. Sam didn’t always plan to work in finance, though. Like most of us, she had a different plan – one that was very different from analyzing numbers. 

After spending most of her early life in North Carolina, Sam went off to college with plans to become a nurse. But after one year of nursing school, she realized something very important: she doesn’t like blood, or chemistry. Seeing as both of those subjects are a regular part of nursing, Sam quickly changed her direction and nurtured the analytical side of her brain.

When asked why she eventually chose accounting and finance, Sam’s answer was to-the-point: she simply likes numbers more than words. So much so, that she would avoid all public speaking opportunities when growing up. In fact, this blog post might even be making her nervous…

Living and breathing organization

You would think that someone who works in finance would want a break from crunching numbers when they go home at night, but it’s quite the opposite for Sam. She has a habit of analyzing her spending, she keeps a calendar of all her bill due dates, and even makes fiscally sound grocery lists. Basically, she serves as her own financial adviser. Pretty neat, right?

Well, the other neat part about Sam is that she does know how to relax and unwind. You can find her spending vacation time at the beach (minus the sharks, please), going to the gym to brush up on her back flips and handstands, or curling up with Netflix after a long day.

But don’t let those few bits of normalcy fool you. Sam will still be thinking about spreadsheets and numbers while on vacation, and she just may fight you for the chance to be Banker in a friendly game of Monopoly.

Quick Facts

  • Sam was a cheerleader for nearly ten years and still considers her cheerleading team her second family.
  • She gets really excited about checking to-do items off of a list.
  • While the rest of us waited until April to send in our tax forms, Sam finished hers in January. Now that is what I call being proactive.
  • Her favorite homemade meal is a chicken Caesar wrap, but if we’re being honest, she’d rather be eating Chick-fil-A.
  • Sam’s biggest fear is bugs. In her own words, “If it can fly, I won’t go near it.” 
  • Like any other southerner, Sam loves country music concerts and sweet tea.