Magnus for your athletic trainers and coaches

When we speak with school health departments, we’re asked on a daily basis how our product can work for the athletics department as well. The good news is, the very same product that can be customized for the school nurse and counselor can also be customized for the athletic trainer and coaches. Here’s how it works.

Customized treatment notes

Does your athletic trainer need to chart an injury? Specify what is injured? Note which muscle was strained or ligament was torn? Indicate which sport and/or activity caused the injury? We understand the needs for athletic trainers are different than for nurses, and that’s why we’ve granted the ability to customize a treatment note to your specific needs. It’s as simple as editing a template and adding, changing, removing any fields as you see necessary.

Take a look at the brief screencast below and see just one way you could format your athletic treatment notes. Keep in mind, two things. 1) This is only a sample, you have the freedom and capability to customize your treatment notes as you see fit. 2) When you purchase the Health Services suite, we will create and customize these templates for you.


HIPAA & FERPA compliant


Because we know emergency health information needs to go with students and athletes off campus to games, trips, etc., we created Magnus Mobile so that you can do that without worrying about a breach of information. With Magnus Mobile, you remain HIPAA and FERPA compliant, the information is easily accessed, and emergency contacts, action plans, medications, allergies, and more are at your finger tips – or at the athletic trainer or coach’s fingertips. We’ve designed it so that you determine who has a login to Magnus Mobile, and to what information they can access from the app. You determine who and how much.

Learn more about Magnus Mobile and other Magnus emergency services.