Magnus Spotlight – Back to School Donations

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Magnus Spotlight – Back to School Donations

kidraisinghandCommunity is important to each and every one of us here at Magnus. We’re proud to call Raleigh, NC and West Chester, PA, our co-home! We’re passionate about helping others, especially students and schools. Even though our Help Desk call and email volume increases during Back to School time, we are all working hard, company-wide, to make sure each and every Magnus user has the help they need to successfully turn in their health forms and be prepared to return to the classroom.

This year, Magnus wanted to do something more, something that will positively and directly impact others in our community. We thought about it, a lot. We thought maybe we could collect and donate supplies to a school, or maybe we could volunteer somewhere. But, we finally realized, let’s give back to a local school! While many schools receive donations of all types of supplies, some schools have very specific tools that they need.

Featured this month on our Magnus Spotlight blog is  our West Chester, PA office. The WC Magnus team found a local school in need of donations.

Who are we donating to?
The West Chester Magnus team is gifting a monetary donation to a local charter school, specifically, a 6th-grade Special Education Class.

What are we donating?
We are donating money to fund the 6th-grade class so that they can acquire better seating arrangements to help students maximize their potential and the learning environment in their classroom. Unfortunately, this class has students sitting on the floor, due to the limited amount of seating. The teacher has requested stools, an inflatable chair, and a few rocking chairs for the classroom. Students enjoy moving around the room and these items would allow them to do so without having to sit on the floor!

West Grove, PA.

When will the students receive our donation?
The donation is being collected via the website where the teacher put up her own post to share the specific needs for the classroom. Any member of the Magnus family can visit her page and donate.

Why does it matter?
Here at Magnus, we work with many K-12 Private schools and want the best for each and every one of our clients and prospects. Learning is not just about textbooks and homework, it’s also about students being comfortable in their classroom and an appropriate learning environment. We hope to gather enough donations so that this Special Education Class can have an awesome upcoming school year, with plenty of seating!