Making the first impression [Employee Spotlight]

Emily-Williams-new-landing-pageIn a world of 140-character Tweets, automated phone calls, and scripted conversations, it’s sometimes hard to stumble upon genuine interactions. You wonder if you’re talking to a person or a machine, and if you’re actually being heard. That’s why it’s a relief to meet people like Emily Williams, a Magnus Health Account Executive.

Emily gets what it means to be human – to hold two-way conversations, to laugh, and to be a little quirky. As one of the first people you may ever talk to at Magnus, she’ll make sure your first impression of us is, well… human. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, read on and say hello.

Emily + Magnus

As an Account Executive, Emily helps introduce schools to Magnus Health. In reality, that’s just a fancy way of saying she’s the person to talk to when considering SMR for your school.

A graduate of UNC-Wilmington, Emily started working as a Leasing Consultant right here in Raleigh after receiving her degree in psychology. She put her degree and personality to work by helping customers find their next dream homes, and she quickly found that she enjoyed developing solutions for any challenge. Her enthusiasm must have been apparent, because one of her very own customers said she’d be a perfect fit at Magnus. Between her bubbly personality, capacity for problem-solving, and natural conversation skills, we couldn’t agree more.

So there you have it. Emily jumped on board here and decided to see what she could bring to the team. Luckily she fit in like a missing puzzle piece, honing her people skills even further and finding her niche by working with schools in the Northeast. Now, you can find her talking on the phone to prospective customers, singing along to Mariah Carey, and sporting her UNC-Wilmington alumni t-shirts.

But don’t let all the fun stuff fool you. At the core, Emily says she does what she does because she believes in the product. She wants to make sure the people who use it are just as (if not more) happy with it as she is.

Emily + The Road Show

Speaking of making a difference, Emily played a key role in organizing the first-ever Magnus Health Road Show – a multi-week event to meet with our current clients and with people who are interested in bringing SMR to their school. As the team-effort to plan the Road Show got underway, it became clear that Emily weirdly enjoys figuring out small details. Where were we going to host lunch? How is everyone getting to the lunch location? What time would we meet with our current clients? These were problems that needed solutions, and Emily was quite excited to create them.

She helped the team by getting all of our detailed ducks in a row, and now, this year’s planning has been smooth sailing. 

Helping you find the right fit

It’s clear that Emily has a knack for creative problem solving, both within Magnus and within the world of schools.

She’s stellar at listening to what a school’s health management and liability concerns are, and then determining the right solution for them. Whether it’s a single-sign on integration with one of our K-12 software partners, or adding Electronically Signed Documents into the mix, she gets everyone squared away with the right fit for their school. Because we don’t want cookie cutter solutions. We believe in finding the right fit – whatever it may be – and so does Emily. The best part is she’ll do it all while humming a tune.

Quick Facts

  • Emily couldn’t possibly go one day without her Brita water bottle by her side.
  • She didn’t always like talking to people. In fact, Emily used to be extremely shy, until the one fateful day when her mom forced her to make a phone call.
  • If she could bring anything to work, it might just be a big fluffy chair, since it’s much more comfortable than those normal chairs.
  • Her favorite part about the Road Show is seeing SMR in action and seeing people using our product out in the real world.

Talk with Emily, or another magnificent Magnus employee.