On the Hunt for Quality [Employee Spotlight]

john_krahnert_circleHave you ever wondered how software goes from zero to a finished, working product? I know I do. It’s such a mysterious and magical process! Sometimes I wonder if we have Keebler Elves working behind the scenes at Magnus Health. But then I remember that we just have a talented team of software engineers that turn ideas into a working reality. Our engineers are basically human 3-D printers when you think about it.

But after our engineers (or Keebler Elves) successfully build a new feature for school health centers, there’s still work to be done. This is where John Krahnert comes in. He helps make sure that each newly created software feature is up to par. How? We’ll discuss that in just a minute. But first, I’m more intrigued to find out how a reporter/editor-turned-flight-instructor found his way to Quality Assurance at a software startup.

John + Magnus

Yes, you did hear me right. John used to be a reporter/editor, and then he became a pilot and flight instructor. And then he became a Usability Tester at Magnus Health (which led to his current position as Quality Assurance Manager). You’d think John was carrying around multiple personalities but last time we checked he’s just fine. In fact, he just really likes to channel his creativity into improving things: News articles, piloting, and now, software.

As the Quality Assurance Manager, John makes sure the Magnus software runs like a well-oiled machine. It’s his job to find bugs before the product is delivered to our users. It’s basically an intense game of “Where’s Waldo?” – where each bug is Waldo and it’s John’s duty to find them all.

When asked how he stays motivated for such an intense day of assuring quality and finding Waldo, John says that he can’t get his day started without a hot cup of coffee. And if concentration is hard to find, a trip down memory lane with 80’s rock ‘n roll keeps him on track. Rock on, John. Rock on.

John + Magnus Academy

Finding software bugs isn’t all serious business, though. Every now and then John is even allowed to emerge from the second floor of Magnus HQ – a place reserved only for the technology nerds. Case in point: Magnus Academy. When we were planning our very first two-day training event for Magnus users, we knew that our customers would appreciate hearing from each department at Magnus. So with John’s experienced background in teaching others, we asked him to kick off Magnus Academy with a presentation about the Vital Health Record, one of the 7 Essential Components of a Student Medical Record.

John admits that he was nervous about his presentation at the beginning – especially since he was the first presenter and the first Magnus Academy. Talk about pressure! John was a stone wall in the face of pressure, though. He was excited to talk to people who were just as passionate about the product as he is. Plus, he did a great job (and that’s not just my bias talking). 

Would he present at Magnus Academy again? My sources tell me yes, but he has to receive the exclusive invitation first!

Finding a balance

When it’s all said and done, you could probably classify John’s role as a happy medium between software and the real world. He helps make sure all of the technology is functional and appealing – a task that we all appreciate. 

Quick Facts

  • John still regularly flies planes for fun on the weekends.
  • A graduate of Boston College, John let down the 90% of his family members who attended Wake Forest.
  • John has a terrible, awful fear of spiders. He even hates talking about spiders. If John is reading this fact about spiders right now, he’s probably very unhappy.
  • He also has an aversion to Fritos. I’ll let you ask him about that one yourself.
  • Although living in Boston broadened his horizons, the cold winters are enough to keep John in the southern states for a while.
  • His favorite part about working at Magnus is working in a team atmosphere with talented people.