6 things school nurses and Valentine’s Day have in common

When I think about Valentine’s Day, I will admit my first thought is about the candy that goes on sale the day after. Chocolate and candied hearts abound. It’s a happy thought. But this year, I decided to dig a little deeper, and what I found is that school nurses and Valentine’s Day have quite a bit in common – six big items in fact.

misc_heart_of_hearts_smaller1. Big hearts

If you argue Valentine’s Day isn’t filled with enormous hearts, well then you will lose that argument. Hearts, hearts, hearts everywhere. Just go to your local drug store, Target, Walmart, the stuffed animal store where you can buy kissing bears – you will find hearts everywhere. The same is true with school nurses – why else would they choose a job that’s more gore than glory? Why else would they dedicate their lives to caring and improving others’? It’s all about their big, big hearts.

2. All about the kids

The best part of Valentine’s day (in my humble opinion) is the fun kids have with it. It’s all about the little Disney cards they give one another. It’s all about candygrams they send to their best friend. Or the sweet, albeit embarrasing, poem one six year old writes to another. So in my mind, Valentine’s Day is all about the kids. Do I need to explain that school nurses spend their time caring for students? Their daily duties are totally about the kids.

3. Giving

If you find a school nurse not giving of their time and energy to help others, well then you’ve found a needle in a haystack. And I don’t have to tell you that on Valentine’s Day, people frequently give others trinkets, toys, candies, cards, and sometimes, engagement rings. I’m not saying you should propose to your school nurse, but can I suggest giving them something to show your appreciation for their hard work? A card, a pat on the back, or chocolate – the cure to so many problems.

4. Dependable, reliable, consistent

Every year of my life, Valentine’s Day has arrived on February 14th. Every single time. It’s always there. Unlike some holidays that like to jump around on us, Valentine’s Day is so very reliable. I think you’ll find school nurses are the same. They’re there for you, for your students, for your kids, and they’re consistently providing you the best care possible.

5. Poetry

I dare you to go this Valentine’s Day without hearing some form of poetry. The tried and true, “roses are red, violets are blue” is always a good bet. You’ll probably find some Shakespearian sonnet in a card or two. And you may write a poem for your beloved. Or, your school nurse might write a poem for you, just like the great Donna David at Belmont Hill did for us. See, sometimes school nurses double as poets.

6. Great expectations

I don’t think I’m alone in saying sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a complete and utter let down. A flop. A disaster. A travesty. Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating, but really, it can come with great expectations that go unfulfilled. In contrast, while we have great expectations for school nurses, they deliver. They pull through for us and for the kids. 

School nurses spend the whole year giving of themselves to others. Take a little time this Valentine’s Day week to let your school nurse know they’re important and appreciated! And, share with us in the comments below just how you show your gratitude!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!