Student Health Records (SHR): Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Student Health Records (SHR): Most Frequently Asked Questions

With today’s technology constantly evolving, it’s more important than ever for schools to have the best tools at hand to not only manage student health information, but to also keep it protected. Gone are the days of keeping health forms in binders tucked away in the nurse’s desk drawer. Now, the best tool for the job is a Student Health Record (SHR) software. SHR software is the digital version of the paper health record that contains a full account of a student’s health history. This can include allergy action plans, concussion documentation, immunization records, emergency information, and consent to treat forms.

By utilizing an SHR, authorized school staff can have access to vital health information right at their fingertips. Parents and staff alike can rest easy knowing that private student records can only be accessed by authorized personnel, and only when necessary. While SHRs are becoming increasingly popular with schools, they are still a relatively new tool. Beginning its journey in the medical world, SHR solutions are now making their way into schools to the point where HIPAA and FERPA guidelines suggest that they are now a school’s best weapon against compliance and liability risks. With all of that having been said, for some, there are still a lot of questions about an SHR that need to be answered. Here are five of the most common ones:

How will getting a Student Health Record (SHR) software improve my ability to care for students?
With an SHR, student health information is available in one online platform so you can spend less time managing paper records and more time providing care. Perhaps one of the biggest perks is having the ability to increase parent communications and compliance. The schools no longer have to keep trying to track down non-compliant parents to collect forms. You can just schedule automated email reminders about approaching deadlines and requirements.

How can an SHR help me care for students with complex conditions?
SHRs allow you to:

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  • Create and customize action plans for conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and allergies.
  • Set up Clinic Alerts to notify staff of changes to a student’s health record such as medication changes, history of recent episodes, and injuries. 
  • Effectively and efficiently manage prescriptions for students with complex conditions using medication trackers. 
  • Provide staff mobile access to vital student health records in case of an emergency.


How can an SHR improve school-wide health outcomes?

There’s nothing worse than a school health center trying to manage student well-being when a contagious disease outbreak is spreading across campus. By collecting health information on one online platform you can manage compliance, and prevent such outbreaks. Keep track of cold and flu outbreaks along with more serious conditions by having up-to-date access to immunization records at your fingertips. Easily report on who has/has not been vaccinated, and then take the appropriate steps based on your school’s protocol to manage the health of the entire student population.

How will an SHR help me save time?
By eliminating manual paper charting & endless binders with health forms and by going digital, you won’t have to spend valuable time just searching for a student’s chart. Simply use your computer or pull out your smart device, open the SHR software, and type in the student’s name… Voila!  You can now manage medications, allergy action plans, who has the flu, who fell and hurt themselves at recess, and immunization records all from a tablet or smartphone! Schools using an SHR report saving over 120 hours a year in administrative work! That is a lot of time-savings!

Can an SHR help me track and manage immunizations?
Absolutely! When you manage immunization records online, you reduce Administrative time by eliminating the need to collect and review paper records. If all of your immunization requirements are on one online platform, streamlining immunization record management is a snap! Set the requirements for each grade level, set up automatic parent reminder emails, receive and approve records online… print compliance reports!

Take the sting out of immunizations and switch to an SHR today!

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