Take Magnus for a test drive

If you’re already a Magnus customer, be sure to contact Client Services for one-on-one assistance using MyMagnus and Magnus911.

One of my favorite Beach Boys songs is Wouldn’t It Be Nice. Every time I see or hear about something I’d like to have or experience, I sing to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice…” I know I’m not alone in wishful thinking because we frequently come across folks who think how nice it would be to test the Magnus product before making a purchasing decision. Well, we’ve got you covered. It’s easy to take a test drive of both the parent’s experience, as well as the Magnus emergency tools. Here’s how it all works.

MyMagnus: The parent experienceMyMagnus_300x300

MyMagnus is the parent portal of Magnus Health’s SMR. It’s a secure site where parents complete your school’s health forms quickly and easily – increasing compliance and decreasing your risk. In the MyMagnus test drive, you can see exactly what parents see. You’ll be assigned a hypothetical student and be able to login to a demo account. Inside you’ll be prompted (just as a parent is) to complete requirements including a Vital Health Record and an electronically signed document.

Magnus911: Emergency tools Magnus911-icon-300x300

Magnus911 provides access to vital student health and emergency contact information, and allows schools to deliver that life-saving information to healthcare providers. In the Magnus911 test drive, you’ll be able to login to a hypothetical student’s Magnus911 account, allowing you to see the information available to you in a real-life emergency. Along the way you’ll also be encouraged to download the Magnus Mobile app, so you can experience all the emergency tools and benefits available to you as a Magnus customer.