Top 5 questions parents ask the Magnus Help Desk

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June 11, 2015
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Top 5 questions parents ask the Magnus Help Desk

The Magnus Help Desk manages thousands of calls a week this time of year, and frequently they’re answering the same questions over and over. We know you get similar questions from parents so here’s a list of the top Q&A’s we receive. Pass this list, along with the SPF 45+, to parents as they leave for the summer.

1. “Where and to whom do I send the completed forms?”

Parents can upload the document directly to their account and avoid faxing or mailing the forms anywhere. However, if they are faxing or mailing the form, they need to use the requirement cover sheet to submit the form. The cover sheet contains all the information parents will ever need to get the form to the right place. Parents can print the requirement cover page from within their account.
Magnus cover sheet

2. “Why is there no login button on the sign in page?

This usually happens when parents are using a computer without java script enabled. Parents can go to this javascript website to enable java for their browser. Then, they just need to refresh their web page to move forward.

It’s important to note that parents who are logging into their Magnus account from their parent portal (via single sign-on) will not have a Login button. This is because they don’t need one, as the integration logs them right in.

3. “What is my username and password?

Parents (and school users alike) can use the “Are you having trouble logging in?” link to retrieve their username, password, or both.

Magnus forgot password

4. “I’m using a work computer and Internet Explorer, why can’t I access my account?

Many workplaces have firewalls and settings to prevent workers from accessing non-work-related sites. If this is the case, parents may have trouble accessing their Magnus account, especially since most employees don’t have the ability to change these settings at their work. If this is the case, we recommend using a personal computer.

Another problem parents face occasionally is an outdated browser, like Internet Explorer. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser to avoid any issues. We make great efforts to ensure our product is as up to date as possible, and outdated browsers like IE are sometimes not compatible with new and improved software. The up side here, is that when parents switch away from IE, their browsing experience on other sites will improve as well.

5. “Why can’t I edit the VHR-Health Emergency Contact Section?

Some parents will experience this if their school is using our API or an integration with their student information system, because the integration can make that section “read-only”. If this is the case, parents can make edits in the SIS parent portal profile, and it will sync into their Magnus account within 24-48 hours.

Bonus: “There is more than one account that matches this criteria. Please contact MH HD. Why do I have duplicate accounts?

Parents may receive this message if their email address is associated with more than one account or duplicate accounts were created. At this time, parents must contact Magnus for assistance in resolving this issue.

The Magnus Help Desk is of course happy to speak with any parents who have questions. We do find that the vast majority of questions are answered in our knowledge base of articles. Parents can access that knowledge base, as well as methods to contact us by clicking the Need Help? link in the top right corner of their account.

Magnus need help