What’s New at Magnus?

Seeing some new updates in your Magnus portal? On November 16th, Magnus Health launched a few new product enhancements that allow you to be more efficient while working in Magnus.

See What’s New:

  • Access ‘Send Email’ from Student Medical Record.
  • Upgrades to ‘Send Email’ function & layout to send emails quicker.
  • General performance & speed enhancements allowing for less time between clicks!

Learn how to send emails directly from the Student’s Medical Record page:

The ‘Send Email’ feature is now more accessible! Users have the ability to conveniently send emails to student contacts through the Student Medical Record (SMR) by clicking on the Actions list. Hint: look for the new tooltip icon next to the Actions drop down.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 3.58.16 PM.png


But wait, that’s not all! The Email format has been updated to a more convenient layout allowing users to send emails quicker. The manual work needed by users has been reduced and you can now send an email with just a few clicks! The recipient area will pre-populate with all student contact email addresses and the subject line defaults to “Update on Student Medical Record”. Users have the ability to edit the recipient list by deselecting or adding back in available contacts and the subject line can be modified to the users choosing.

The body of the email contains two sections of predefined text and one section where the user can customize or enter a personalized message.

  1. The top section pre-populates student and school name.
  2. The middle section is editable and gives the user the ability to write a message to the recipients. When the user clicks on the red text it disappears so the user can begin writing. *Please note that the user must type at least 5 characters for the “Send” button to become orange and ‘active’.
  3. The bottom section pre-populates the school name and the name and email of the Administrator for the school, so that the recipient knows who to contact in reply to the email.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 4.02.22 PM.png

The school user who sends the email will then receive an email to inform them of what they sent and who they sent it to.

At Magnus, we strive to provide the best software to our clients in order for them to provide the best possible care to students. We love learning more about what you desire in the Magnus software and would love to hear about feature enhancements that you would like to see. You can simply log into your Magnus account,  click the “Need Help” button and then “Suggest a Feature” to submit your requests and suggestions.

Enjoy your new Magnus feature enhancements!