The WhippleHill – Magnus Health software integration

Screen_Shot_2014-11-12_at_10.43.41_AMTechnology has done wonders for informational organization and security at independent schools. The old ways of filing student information into cabinets have transformed into online record-keeping via Student Information Systems and Student Medical Records. But as wonderful as these robust technologies may be, wouldn’t it be even more wonderful if they worked in harmony? Wouldn’t it be a life saver if you could enter information into one school software portal, and that same information appeared in another? The answer is a resounding “yes.” 

That’s why we’ve dedicated time and energy to developing and continually improving our software integrations – so that the information at your school is just that: integrated. In the case of mutual Whipple Hill and Magnus Health clients, we’ve partnered to offer a single sign-on (SSO) integration, along with account provisioning to allow for data synchronization.

How it works

Let’s start with single sign-on capabilities. What does single sign-on even mean? It means that when your parents log in to the WhippleHill website, they can then log in to Magnus (via a Magnus link) without worrying about a separate user name or password. In the background, users are authenticated using the WhippleHill API.


This simple process saves parents from password fatigue (AKA having to remember yet another password) and decreases the volume of password-related phone calls to the IT department. And even better, when a parent logs in via the Magnus Health link, it automatically opens a new window. This keeps the parent’s WhippleHill session active in the background.

But those are just the parent benefits. On the school’s end, data synchronization means that student names, parent email addresses, class years, and even sports teams all sync over into the Magnus Health system – keeping active parents and student accounts consistent and current. Magnus Health is updated nightly from WhippleHill, and every time a parent clicks on a SSO link in WhippleHill.

While the integration does its hard work, you get to relax knowing that your information will update in Magnus Health without any manual processes. And, you can rest assured that our technology team monitors our host of integrations.


The benefits of an integration sound pretty great, but what about security?

Well, we take security seriously. Really seriously. Know that we approach everything we do with security at the forefront of our minds, which is why we use WhippleHill’s secure API protocols to transfer data from WhippleHill to Magnus.

Getting Started

Getting started with this integration is easier than you may think. If you’re a mutual WhippleHill and Magnus Health client, you already have a head start! Simply request the add-on from WhippleHill, and once installed, the school has the option of when to enable to full integration. A SSO link can then be placed on any secure portal channel, providing parents direct access to SMR without worrying about a new login.

Find out the full details in our integration fact sheet, and register for our live WhippleHill integration webinar!