Working at Magnus just feels right

If you are like me, you always dread the question, “Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?” I used to feel that anything less than a clearly packaged response would be a reflection of my failure at life’s planning. Truth is, I’ve come to embrace the way my internal guiding compass works.

East coast bound all my life, when I decided to trek across the country to Texas for grad school, I just knew what I wanted to study and that I wanted to do it at one of the best institutions in the world. When I chose to study abroad in Cuba, it was totally the unknown that drew me there. I’m driven by a larger purpose and then finding my role to further that purpose…rhyme or reason not always required. In both endeavors, I was consumed with personal fulfillment and growth that was unimaginable; it just felt right to make those decisions.

In my time here at Magnus, I realized that to deliver the best answer to that age old question, I needed to not only focus on communicating my future professional growth, but moreso how I wish to feel about it. Lo and behold, I’ve found my muse. February 2015 will mark three years working here at Magnus. I don’t expect any longevity awards with this milestone but for a start up, not unlike high school/college, that seniority is nothing to balk at!

aketa_2When I first learned about Magnus, I was intrigued. When I decided to join the team, I was excited, but naturally the risk of joining a start up made me feel anxious. I loved getting to know our schools and witness how we make better care possible. I felt empowered as I grew to understand how we develop our product. I have an immense sense of pride in this company and my colleagues, who all bring something different, but equally important to work each day.

Whenever I’m working with our clients, I often refer to the work that comes from our Developers and Testers as “magic”. I admit, that’s likely a blessing and a curse. It acknowledges their ingenuity, creativity and passion to translate the client’s experience into the SMR. It also creates an expectation that they can literally pull a rabbit out of their hats that will hop around to magically make all parents submit their forms…on time…with a cherry on top.

And let me let you in on a little secret. You know that echocardiogram emblem that you see in the Magnus logo? That represents the Sales team’s heart beat. Seriously, this team brings the energy EVERY DAY. It’s inspiring because our schools bring that same energy to the implementation process.

Without fail, our Marketing ensemble hits it out the park with every endeavor. They always seek to creatively deliver content to ultimately raise awareness about the challenges and successes in managing student health. This group epitomizes our culture. I’m also pretty sure we signed a disclaimer upon hire: Report to work and beware – Marketing is always seeking blooper material.

I am overwhelmed with respect for our Client Loyalty team (Client Services, Help Desk and Records). I will not hesitate to declare that this dedicated group is the nucleus of this company. They constantly have their finger on the pulse of our schools. They are tireless and proactive in their pursuit to deliver the service you expect. I am honored to collaborate with them each day and driven by their relentless efforts to serve as internal and external resources.

So now when someone asks where I see myself in the future, I think about how the Magnus team makes me feel. And working with these people, here at Magnus, just feels right.


About the author

aketa_3Aketa Emptage is the Director of Client Services. She holds a BS in Political Science from Wake Forest University, and a Master of Public Affairs from University of Texas-Austin. Fun fact: She went to high school with Magnus CEO, Chas Scarantino. 

Read more about Aketa, and all the coworkers she holds dear on the Meet Our Team page.