Welcome Parents!

All your child’s health information, collected, stored, and managed in one location. Your child’s school has partnered with us to ultimately provide more efficient and consistent health care services to your child.

  • Document collection

Our first step is to streamline the process by eliminating forms for your school. Forms come directly to Magnus and you will always have access to current year forms for any of your other needs (camp, vacation, doctor, etc.). Most health information only needs to be submitted once and then updated as needed depending upon State Laws and school regulations.

  • Daily care

Submitted information is easily updated during the course of the year, ensuring the school is informed of current health needs and can make the best decisions when caring for your child. Information includes a complete health history, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, conditions, and more. Important forms may include permissions, action plans, consent to treat, etc.


A comprehensive Student Medical Record (SMR) can follow your child as they grow, even after graduation, delivering a complete picture of health history to health care providers as they address chronic conditions or offer preventative care.
Our emergency management solution, Magnus911, comes with every SMR account. It protects students during health emergencies and allows:

  • Emergency health personnel access to vital health information when it is needed most.
  • Students to carry their Magnus911 wallet card with them wherever they go, meaning even at camp or on family vacation, their vital health information is only a login away.

Our privacy and security policies mean your child’s information is far more secure online than in paper format. As Magnus employees, we manage our own health information online, so when we say we protect your information as if it’s our own, we mean it. User authentication and tracking, data tracking, and military level security ensure only authorized users have access to confidential information.

Feel free to read our Privacy and Security Policy, and Terms of Use for complete details, and contact us with any further questions.

  • How do you keep my child’s health information secure?

We’ve implemented administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to meet your privacy and security concerns. You can read about them in detail in our Privacy and Security Policy. We also ask that you manage your account to ensure security. Please do not share passwords or coverpages to ensure account integrity.

  • I lost my username and/or password. What should I do?

If you cannot find your log-in information, please visit our password request page . If you are still having trouble, let us help you! Give us a call at 877-461-6831.

  • Where do I find a list of frequently asked questions?

To answer questions regarding your parent account, you can search our knowledge base.

  • I faxed or mailed a document. When will it appear in my account?

Please allow one to two business days for records to be processed and uploaded to your account. Once the documents have been uploaded, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • Is there a way to expedite faxed or mailed records?

Records are processed in the order they are received and cannot be expedited.

  • Who reviews my requirements? Why was my requirement rejected?

Your school/group administrator is responsible for establishing the criteria to accept or reject your documents. If you have questions about a rejected requirement, please send an email to the email address listed at the bottom of the rejection email to connect with your school/group administrator.

  • Why am I receiving reminder emails?

You will receive reminder emails until each requirement in your account is complete. To see which requirements are outstanding, log in to your account and view your tracker status.

  • My student has a new medication or condition. Do I need to update my information?

Yes, all changes to a student’s health history should be updated to ensure proper care. Please log in to your account and make the appropriate changes within the student’s Vital Health Record or other requirement(s).
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Call us. Email us. Chat us. Read our knowledgebase articles to find answers to common questions. We’re not just a typical software company, we’re your source for any assistance you need. Contact us with any problems with username and password, submitting information, best practices, guidelines to get started, etc. We hate to sound desperate, it’s just that we really do want to talk to you.

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