Employee Bios

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about who we are! Below you’ll find all of our employee bios.

Inese Hoover | Director of Marketing

Inese is a seasoned Marketing professional with over 15 years of digital marketing experience who excels in developing strategies and creative marketing campaigns. She has a broad expertise with web development and content management, marketing automation, and CRM tools.  Inese has worked in a variety of industries, more recently managing digital communications for Altra Industrial Motion, Cree, and Patheon.

Inese joined the Magnus marketing team in 2016. As the Director of Marketing, her goal is to ensure that every school in the US learns about our student medical record management software, which creates a healthier and safer environment for the K-12 and college students!

Inese was born in Riga, Latvia, but has spent most of her adult life in the Chicago area. She earned a Business degree from Millikin University in Decatur, IL. Inese likes to travel and is an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan! Her family spends countless hours at the rinks around Chicago with their son who plays for the Benet Academy Hockey Club.

Dino Skerlos | Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales, Dino’s main focus is to establish and develop annual action plans to expand the Magnus clients base, while helping to build and maintain strong, long-lasting customer relationships. He grew up in Chicago and is a Roosevelt University alumni. After attending RU, Dino went right into sales as an insurance agent and has since been a contributor to the growth of three startups.

In his downtime, he spends time with his wife and three kids and playing golf. When he’s not on the course he can be found out in the yard chipping balls into a garbage can lid. The whole family are huge Chicago sports fans particularly the Blackhawks and Cubs.

Ian Panulla | Director of Technology

Ian is the “IT coder guy” and if the world ever runs out of coffee, Ian is to blame. He is originally from State College, where he attended South Hills College of Business and Technology. He started working for Brian at his first company as a developer, and later became the architect of the CareFlow software.

Even after he moved to West Chester, Ian has still remained an avid Penn State Football fan! Ian adores his wife, and three labs. He enjoys the outdoors, including softball, and taking his 3 labs out on long walks.

Rich Hopewell | Director of Client and Partner Success

Rich started working in the healthcare industry in college, working at a surgery center managing medical records and has been with CareFlow EMR since the early years, balancing responsibilities across several departments of the company. He is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to the Magnus team, and is especially looking forward to transitioning CareFlow clients into the new upcoming “Super Software” resulting from the merge.

Born in Hawaii, where his family still lives, Rich has spent most of his life on the East Coast in Pennsylvania. He attended Arizona State and Pennsylvania State Universities, and then settled in West Chester. Rich considers himself a nature freak.

He loves sports, specifically soccer, as he was the captain of the soccer team for multiple years in college. He enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, surfing, fishing, and thinks the more time spent in nature, the better!

Julie Cincotti| Director of People

Julie has been in Human Resources for 20 years in a variety of companies ranging from small founder led to large public organizations. As the Director of People, it’s her responsibility to support the Magnus team members and help make Magnus a great place to work! She was most recently at Insulet Corporation which is a medical device company in the diabetes space, prior to Insulet Julie was with Morningstar, the investment management firm based in Chicago.

Julie lives in Billerica, MA which is about 35 minutes from the Wakefield office with her husband Mike and her two daughters Alyssa and Amanda. When she isn’t spending time with her family, she enjoys exercising, acupuncture and reiki.

Paul | Lead Systems Administrator

Paul holds a Masters of Engineering in Microelectronics and Software Engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Before taking on the role of Magnus System Administrator, Paul worked as an IT Technician for Erie Management Group. Originally from Nottingham, England, Paul relocated to Raleigh, NC after having lived in Erie, PA.

Before coming to Magnus he volunteered for two years at a Bird of Prey rehabilitation center, where he was able to help care for and re-release wild Bald Eagles, Red-Tail Hawks, and Great Horned Owls. He is an avid reader of Celtic and Norse mythology, and he considers electronics and microprocessor programming to be hobbies.

Deidra | Help Desk Manager

Deidra is a busy lady, always has been. She grew up in a small town in, NC with a very close-knit family. Her work history is wide and varied, from road construction, to a live-in group home manager, and Dietary Clerk for a hometown hospital. She holds a NC Medication Administration Certification, an Associate’s in Arts, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

At Magnus, Deidra is the Help Desk Manager and the Texas Review Program Coordinator. She enjoys multitasking as she manages 3 team within the company, manages all Texas accounts, attends recruiting events and completes 1-1 training with new hires.

She also enjoys meeting new people, exploring the city, and spending time with family and friends. If you need a stick of gum or a mint, find Deidra because she’s always armed with the tools to combat bad breath. You’ll also find Deidra has a talent for making others comfortable after just one conversation.

Martika | Manager of Privacy & Case Management 

Martika graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from North Carolina State University in 2013 and received her MBA in 2016. As a part of the Client Success team, Martika is the privacy & case management manager.

Martika enjoys the environment here because everyone brings something different to the table, making work a lot of fun. Away from work, Martika enjoys hanging out with friends and family, cooking, and traveling.

Ed | Lead Product Analyst

Ed is a graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in Culinary Arts and of West Chester University with a B.S. in Computer Science. He is part of the Magnus Product team where he helps to bring ideas to life in Magnus Health products. He is a huge fan of the outdoors and gardening. Ed especially loves to grow fruits and vegetables to use for his other passion of cooking.

He loves growing fruits and vegetables from spring to late fall and even grows herbs, peppers, and lettuce indoors during the winter. He is an adventurer and avid camper. Ed is also a HUGE live music fan, attending concerts quite frequently. Having grown up and spent most of his time in the Philadelphia area, it is only natural that Ed is an Eagles and Flyers fan. It also goes without saying that he is not a fan of some other teams…. (cough cough) Oh, and did I mention that Ed LOVES to cook? Being a French trained chef does have its perks!

Candice | Salesforce Administrator

Candice is a lady of many interests and has a varied, fascinating background. She was born in Nebraska and raised in northern Virginia. She went to Art school in Utica, NY at the Pratt Institute, and then finished her degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with a BFA in Photography. Her past work experiences include an internship with the Central Intelligence Agency in office administration, working shipment and merchandising for Gap Inc in Savannah, GA and filing taxes for household employers.

As the Salesforce Administrator, Candice serves as the Operations Coordinator with a dash of Financial data entry as well as tasks involving Office Administration.

In her free time, Candice enjoys horror movies, running half marathons and playing pinball at the local barcade. Like some other Magnus folks, she loves her coworkers and believes life is better with bacon in it. She has a fear of needles but has five tattoos!

Maria | Senior Financial Analyst

As the Senior Financial Analyst, Maria’s main responsibilities are to manage both the financials of Magnus and part of the Operations team. Because of her love of the environment, Maria implemented the Go Green initiative here at Magnus and strives to make sure that Magnus is environmentally conscious.

Originally from Argentina, she came to the US when she was 5. She graduated from NCSU with a philosophy degree and is now working on her MBA through East Carolina University. In her free time, she loves, watching football games, cooking, and spending time with her toy chihuahua, whom she absolutely adores!

Jazmine | Customer Relationship Manager and Recruiting Specialist

Jazmine wears a couple of hats here at Magnus. Not only does she train current clients and help them with additional feature setups, but she also screens, interviews, and assists with hiring new employees.  

She says her favorite thing about Magnus is how everyone works so closely to achieve the same goals and how everyone is always helpful when you have a question. Look out Ravens’ fans, Jazmine here is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan who is obsessed with anything and everything Pittsburgh sports related.

In her downtime, she is an avid shopper who loves to try new recipes she finds on Pinterest, attending different sporting events and going to the movies.

Jamie | Client Services Representative

Before joining Magnus she worked with various grassroots organizations including election campaigns and mentoring programs for special needs children and young adults. North Carolina Native, I have a Man-Twin, who is literally the male version of me, down to the exact same allergies! traveling, trying new dishes (especially spicy ones) from around the world.

At Magnus, Jamie works with the Client Services team and she loves the work environment. As she put it, “I enjoy the fluid nucleus of my belonging department, we as a team help each other grow both professionally and personally.” Jamie is a middle child and has a twin brother, James.

She is absolutely obsessed with Coconut. Coconut Water, Meat (Toasted or Raw), Jelly, Milk, Flavor. As she puts it, it is one of the best tasting things on the planet!

Jessy | Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, Jessy provides rapid, in-depth customer support for Magnus users, focusing primarily on parents and students. What she loves about Magnus is the core values and belief system we all share, noting that everyone is encouraging and always willing to contribute their help to accomplish personal and company goals.

A Manhattan, NYC native, Jessy lived in Honduras for a few years where she became fluent in Spanish. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family and helping others in any way she can. She also enjoys reading, writing, and eating!

Pa Amat | Customer Services Representative

Pa spends his days assisting clients in making the most out of their Magnus accounts. His favorite part about Magnus is his team and loves that everyone is always so willing to lend a helping hand to a teammate in need.

Kerri | Client Success Specialist

A true Pennsylvania native, Kerri was born in Doylestown PA as the 2nd of 5 children and graduated from West Chester University in 2016 with a double degree in Marketing and Management. She started working for CareFlow, before it was acquired by Magnus, as an intern and is now a full time team member here at Magnus.

She says her favorite part about Magnus is her wonderful colleagues and awesome work environment. Her main duties as a Client Success Specialist are working with clients to ensure they are getting the most value out of their accounts and setting them up on a road to triumph! Some of Kerri’s interests are traveling, enjoying the outdoors, spending time with family and most importantly her two Boston Terriers, Sammi and Buca!

Scott | Client Success Specialist

Originally from West Chester, PA., after high school, Scott moved to NY and attended Ithaca College where he received a B.S. in Applied Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. Later, he moved to Lancaster and eventually back to West Chester when he started working at Magnus. He has 1 sister and almost of his family still lives in the Greater Philly Area.

His daily tasks on the Client Success team consists of assisting clients in getting the most out of the Magnus Experience! Everyday is different, but each day is primarily centered around helping our clients in a variety of ways. Everything from helping them to analyze their experience with Magnus to this point and then assisting in planning for future success with Magnus!

Patricia | Client Success Specialist

As a Client Success Specialist, Patricia works hard to ensure that clients always have a pleasant experience using the Magnus system and that they are able to access the tools they need to make their jobs easier. 

Born and raised in the Philly area, she graduated from Temple University in 2016 with a degree in Strategic Communications, enabling her to communicate effectively in interpersonal, organizational, and mediated settings. 

In her free time, Patricia enjoys working out, shopping, and binge watching reality TV shows. Forrest Gump and Remember the Titans are her favorite movies. She boasts that she can not only practically quote the entirety of Remember the Titans, but she can also tell you where each song in the soundtrack belongs in each of the scenes… now that’s a fan!

Martie | Onboarding Specialist

Martie works with new clients to prepare them to launch Magnus Health to their parents. What she loves most is learning what makes their schools & regions unique, while leveraging that knowledge to create a consultative onboarding experience that is attentive, empowering, and exceeds expectations. She believes the work of Onboarding sets the tone for the outcome of their launch and ongoing relationship with Magnus.

Originally from Seattle, Martie is a graduate of the University of Washington. Go Huskies!  Her career in technology began as a Help Desk I/Trainer at Seattle Public Schools – servicing their district’s SIS needs. Later, she left for the east coast to join a public-safety SaaS (software-as-a-service) startup, where she gained 10+ years’ experience in training & implementation coordination, and client management.

In her free time she loves hanging out with her 2 children. Their favorite family vacation spots are Myrtle Beach and a little-known gem called Bear Island (a 3-mile-long, undeveloped barrier island). Martie is a Girl Scouts Troop Co-Leader & genealogy hobbyist.

Rachael | Client Success Specialist

Rachael started at Magnus as a Nurse Reviewer in 2015 but has since moved over to the Client Services team. As a Client Success Specialist, she helps oversee the nurse reviewer process and work with clients to ensure service satisfaction.

Being that she has a unique knowledge of health care records, immunizations and medications she can work closely with the dev team as they adapt and create the product, allowing her to advocate for school staff who utilize Magnus.

In her free time, she spends time with her high school sweetheart and their 3 children and 2 poodles.

Carly | Client Onboarding Specialist

Carly grew up as a suburbanite in Philadelphia and studied Exercise Science at West Chester University. As an Onboarding Specialist, she works hard to make sure that everything runs smoothly when a new client is implementing the Magnus system.

Carly loves the beach, having spent summers at the New Jersey shore with her girlfriends. She loves her dogs, family, and is the oldest of three kids. She played the violin from 3rd grade up until her senior year! She made her sister carry the violin in and out of school for her to prevent her from looking like a nerd! Her as well as 25 students were picked from the senior class to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 2010.

She and her family have been going to the annual Mummers Parade held on New Year’s Day in Philadelphia for the past 15+; a tradition she still continues today. She loves exercise, warm weather, meeting new people, and trying new restaurants!

Kelsey | Onboarding Specialist

As an Onboarding Specialist, Kelsey’s main task is to bring on new clients and help them get started using their Magnus accounts. An ECU graduate, she has a Masters Certificate in Health Information Management.

Kelsey currently lives in Gardner, NC and splits her time between family, friends, her boyfriend, and catching up on her fave TV shows.

Chris | Client Relationship Manager

As high level support for a 3rd of Magnus clients, Chris works hard to assist clients with their everyday needs, as well as manages a handful of new implementations, and any upsell implementations for his current client list.

Chris grew up in the South suburbs of Chicago before making the move to North Carolina and has been an NC State alum since 2017. When he’s not at Magnus, Chris is all about recreational sports. As a member of the Triangle Basketball Officials Association, he has worked in a number of roles for various rec leagues including College Club Basketball and National Flag Football.

Molly  |  Client Relationship Manager

Molly grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and attended Radford University where she obtained her degree in Musical Therapy in 2012. Since then, Molly has worked in both medical and behavioral health hospital settings in a variety of different roles.

As high level support for a 3rd of Magnus clients, she works hard to assist clients with their everyday needs, as well as manages a handful of new implementations.

In her free time, Molly enjoys exploring North Carolina with her Jack Russell-Beagle mix, Tucker, she is an active member of the Raleigh Area Flute Association, and plays in the Durham Flute Choir.

Courtney | Sales Development Manager

Courtney works hard with our Sales Development team to ensure the company is on target to exceed our goals and guiding the SDRS to always be improving and striving to grow within their roles. Being the mother of 2, Courtney feels that she is exactly where she needs to be in order to make a difference in the lives of students when it comes to their health and safety.

When she’s not helping Magnus crush our sales goals, she’s hanging out with her family and pets, a cat named  Mr. Pickles, and 2 dogs named Brutis and Morty. Even though she is a Colorado native, she is beginning a new adventure in Missouri!

Melany | Account Executive

Melany was born and raised in the Research Triangle Park area of NC which has a longstanding reputation as being a hub for technology companies. Melany began her career at IBM working in various domestic and global sales roles across multiple verticals. Ready for a change focused on improving lives of students, she joined Magnus in 2013. At Magnus, she specializes in growing our client base across the country and emerging international markets.

Although she’s played soccer all her life, and was recruited to play in college, Melany’s most humbling and amazing experience was carrying the Olympic torch. Outside of Olympic and work endeavors, Melany loves ethnic food (the spicier the better) and English and American football. She pulls for Liverpool, Tottenham, Seattle Seahawks and NCSU Wolfpack, but thinks it’s important to note that tailgating is also a sport.

Janet | Account Executive

Family is super important to Janet, she is very close with her family, friends, and especially her son who is her heart and soul. She also has two dogs, one is a toy poodle named Oscar, and a Chihuahua name PeWee, plus a cat named Oreo. She comes from Princeton, NC, attended Barton College, and previously worked in broadcast radio, and joins Magnus as an Account Executive.

Janet loves to sing, even though she can’t learn the lyrics to songs to save her life. She’s been a loyal Britney Spears fan since 1998. “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” is Janet’s favorite TV quote EVER! Oh, and if you ever have any questions about the Real Housewives franchise, ask Janet.

Nicole | Account Executive

Nicole joins the Magnus team with over 7 years of experience in sales, with 3 in the healthcare SAAS space. She loves the challenge of Sales and educating people on technology that will better their lives. Sometimes she tries using sales tactics on her husband and unfortunately most of the time he recognizes that!

She loves the outdoors, hiking, exploring, camping, running and yoga. Most of all she enjoys spending time with her family which includes her whole world, her two children!

Amber | Account Executive

Amber was born and raised in PA where she currently resides. Loves music, nature, cooking, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

As an Account Executive, Amber’s primary responsibility is to create and manage new accounts for Magnus.

Wesley | Account Executive

Wesley brings over 17 years of sales and account management experience to the Magnus team and works hard to show schools how Magnus can solve those tough pain points that come with managing student health forms.

He graduated from CA State University Fullerton in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and, in another life, made his living as a stunt performer (a fact that he hopes you don’t expect him to demonstrate). Wesley loves spending quality time with his beautiful wife and their 3 children.

Donna | Account Executive

A Jersey girl, Donna earned her degree in Psychology has had a long career of working with people and understanding their needs. A skill she brings to the Manus Sales team as an Account Executive. It’s Donna’s responsibility to connect with schools to get a better idea of what their pain points are and the best ways in which Magnus could help.

Like many of her teammates, Donna enjoys hiking with her dogs, doing yoga, and riding her horses. She is currently working towards this year’s American Eventing Championships.

Danielle | Sales Development Representative and Database Admin

Danielle assists the outbound SDR’s by reviewing and updating prospective school accounts in our database, allowing them more time to reach out to potential customers. She is also in charge of cleaning up the database by finding and merging duplicate accounts, updating contacts, as well as changing the status and owner of an account as needed.

Terra | Sales Development Representative

A Pike Peak Institute of Medical Technology graduate, Terra worked for several years first  in a busy medical office then as a Personal Assistant before life lead her to her first SDR position and eventually to Magnus. As an SDR, every day she strives to identify schools that have an interest and a need for a solution like Magnus.

When she’s not helping to fill the Magnus pipeline Terra spends time with family and her white Husky Guinevere. They spend their free time together hiking in the woods, gardening, and creating.

David | Sales Development Representative

David brings over 20 years of sales experience to the Magnus team. As an SDR, he is very passionate when it comes to educating schools about our student health record management software, the value of it, and how schools can benefit from it. His role on the Sales team is to help fill the pipeline for the Account Executives and educating schools on the value of a solution like Magnus.

David is a graduate from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a minor in health. He loves the outdoors, fishing, playing golf, and spending time with his family and friends. He also supports his local professional sports teams: The Texans, Astros, Rockets, and we can’t forget about the 12th man that is a little over an hour north of Houston “Gig’em Aggies”.

Morgan | Sales Development Representative

A Southern girl at heart, Morgan joins the Magnus family as a Business Development Rep. Her main focus is on building and establishing strong business relationships for our Sales team. Thankfully, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from UNCW!

In her downtime, Morgan loves the beach and is a mega Criminal Minds, Fixer Upper, and Sons of Anarchy fan.

Devin  | Sales Development Representative

Every day Devin works hard to prospect and educate current and future clients on the benefits of the Magnus solution through building solid lines of communication with them. Hailing from Denver, Colorado with a background in sales and customer service, Devin brings a lot of customer relations experience to the Magnus team.

In addition to being an SDR, she is also a Notary Public for the state of Colorado and is a certified cat mom… see what we did there? Devin loves camping and spending her free time with family and friends.

Charity | Sales Development Representative

A true UNT Eagle at heart, Charity grew up in a small town outside of Fort Worth, Texas and graduated from the University of North Texas.

Before Magnus, Charity took 8 years off from the corporate world to travel all over the US with her husband as he played professional baseball. Amazingly, in just the last 8 years, they have lived in over 15 different cities and 3 different countries, traveling to more than she can count.

Most of her free time is spent with her husband and son either doing something outside or sports related. But, when she does get a little downtime, she loves reading psychological thrillers, taking online photography classes, cooking with a glass of wine in hand, watching all sports, and traveling.

Olivia | Marketing Database Coordinator

Olivia is our database queen! She makes sure that our existing database provides clean and accurate data, and ensures accurate synchronization between Hubspot and Salesforce

Born and raised in North Carolina, Olivia is a Meredith College alum where she majored in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing.

She like to spend her weekends hanging with her dogs, Charlie and Finn, and her fiance. She also enjoys binge watching the newest Netflix series, checking out a local brewery in the area, and cooking!

Marlene | Digital Marketing Specialist

Born and raised in Hamilton, NJ, Marlene moved to Pennsylvania to attend West Chester University, where she graduated with honors. Marlene has experience working in many fields, but she brings her background of working in schools, knowledge of healthcare, technology and social media into the Magnus Marketing department. Marlene has always loved sports, especially soccer.

She loves snowboarding in the winter, and hitting the beach in the summer. Even though Marlene REALLY hates flying, she likes to get away and explore new cities, mountains or beaches, and she loves her adorable Pug Ellie of course!

Christina | Content Marketing Specialist

Christina is a Sherlock fan who does Content Marketing, in that order. A Peace College alumna, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a second Bachelor’s degree in English. As a member of the Marketing team, she is responsible for the research and development of content for email campaigns, the website, internal Magnus, occasionally press releases and blog postings. Pretty much if it’s written, there is a good chance that she is the one who wrote it.

Christina is obsessed with all things horticulture and can name a plant to help just about any health issue.

Maria| Internet Marketing Specialist

As our in-house website guru, Maria works to maintain and update the Magnus website. She graduated from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Mass Communication with emphasis in PR/Advertising.

Born and raised in the border town of McAllen, Tx, Maria moved to NC after graduating college in May 2016 and has stayed in the area ever since.

She loves going for walks and enjoying the nature NC has to offer!! Currently, she is reading ‘The Four agreements’ book by Miguel Ruiz Cervantez!

Asa | Lead Software Engineer

Asa is our jack of all trades when it comes to all things dev related. He started his career working for Brian at his first company as a developer, and now leads our R&D efforts, driving new innovations in our product and tech stack to help make exciting new product ideas a reality!

Kevin | Software Engineer

Kevin came to Raleigh by way of Ottawa, Canada, at the age of four. In 2015 he graduated from NCSU with his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His day-to-day job responsibilities include fixing software bugs, making the Magnus site run smoother and developing creative ways to make future improvements to the website’s functionality.

Kevin rides his motorcycle to work every day rain or shine and hasn’t owned a car in 5 years (something he couldn’t be happier about). Some of his favorite pastimes are rock climbing and craft beers.

Timothy | Junior Software Engineer

Timothy is a Poconos, PA native. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Computer Science. Prior to joining the Magnus family, he worked as an IT professional at a library in the Poconos.

When he isn’t working on building up the Magnus product for our clients, Timothy enjoys video games, and is hoping to try his hand at biking!

Wardell | IT Administrator

An ECPI graduate in Network Security, Wardell is the IT Administrator here at Magnus. His main responsibilities include: assisting fellow staff with system issues, equipment repair and user admin.

Wardell’s hobbies include watching Anime and gaming. I guess you could say he’s a manga Anime fan…

Marissa | Product Analyst

A Temple University graduate, Marissa works hard to help ensure the monthly product releases go as smooth as possible including analyzing how our current products works and how to make them better in the future.

Even though she is originally from Lancaster, she now lives full time in Philadelphia and spends her free time working on her hobbies like tending to her baby cacti!

Irina | Quality Assurance Manager

As the QA Manager, Irina is the driving force behind the QA team and makes it not only a professional but a personal goal to make sure that the Magnus product gets better day after day.

A Russian native, Irina received her degree from university in St. Petersburg and then relocated to the US 10 years ago. As an avid world traveler, she has traveled all over Asia, Europe, and North America with her husband and hopes to add Brazil and Japan to her passport one day.

Zachary Ritz | Quality Assurance Analyst

As a QA Analyst, Zachary is responsible for making sure that all areas of the Magnus website are working to the best of their ability. He attended West Chester University and graduated with a degree in Communications.

Artistically inclined, when he’s not looking after the Magnus software, Zachary is playing and producing music, drawing, and watching The Office (which he’s seen at least 10 times already).

Sai | Quality Assurance Analyst

As a QA Analyst, Sai’s job is to ensure that for each release the Magnus Health web portal and Mobile App are thoroughly tested in order to give our customers a quality product.

Having completed her Masters in India, Sai then moved to the US in 2016 to live with her husband in Warrington, PA. For her, she sees the Magnus system as an exciting logical puzzle; a daily challenge that allows for out-of-the box thinking and ingenuity in order to make the product better. Outside of Magnus, Sai spends her time with her family and friends.

Ishan | Programmer

Originally from Mumbai, Ishan attended Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken where he received his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Fueled by endless amounts of coffee his day-to-day job responsibilities include helping to fix software bugs, making the Magnus site run smoother and developing creative ways to make future improvements to the website’s functionality.

Aliya | Programmer

Hailing all the way from Hyderabad, India, Aliya received her Masters in Computer Science from West Virginia University and is a Programmer on our Development team.

Her favorite thing about being a part of the Magnus family is the challenge of coming in every day and trying to figure out how she is going to troubleshoot, debug, and develop software components.

Rahi | Programmer

As a Programmer, Rahi works to identify and resolve software related issues, so as to enhance the application performance. He is from Pune, India but earned her Masters in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

She loves cooking, watching cricket, and watching horror movies (but only in groups!). In her free time, she enjoys watching Friends and having a glass of wine. And, even though she is very diligent in making plans to go to the gym regularly she claims that the pizza belly does not allow her to accomplish that.

Krystie | Help Desk Supervisor

As a member of the Help Desk team, Krystie assists students, parents, and administrators retrieve all information that they may need for their accounts.

Originally from  Richmond Co., known for the race track that it had back in the day, she has had a variety of jobs ranging from being an Assistant teacher/bus driver, Pharmacy Technician, to 9 years with the Department of Public Safety. There, Krystie worked as a Correctional Officer, and, eventually, an Administrative Assistant.

Being a mother of 5 has made her a people person and that means that she never meets a stranger!

Michael | Records Specialist

Growing up as a military brat Myke was fortunate enough to not have to relocate often as most military families do. Originally from San Diego, California, he spent the majority of his childhood in California before relocating to Nebraska for a couple years and then settling in North Carolina with family.

Myke works with the Records team to process all of the incoming health records for parents and students. In addition, he also assists the Help Desk and Client Services teams on projects.

Anime! Gaming! Photography! Oh my! Myke is a huge anime and manga fan and can talk about it for hours. If you ever need any recommendations on the subject, he’s got you! He is an avid comic-con goer and attends them whenever possible. Myke first realized his passion for photography 11 year ago and has since turned it into a side career. And, with comic-cons he can combine all 3 of his favorite things at once so it really is a blast!

Danielle | Records Specialist

As a Records Specialist, Danielle spends her time processing all incoming records for parents and students and uploading them into their Magnus accounts. When she isn’t managing records, Danielle works closely with other departments with various projects.

She enjoys reading books and spending time with her family and orange Tabby cat. Danielle obtained a Bachelors in Psychology and can’t get enough of chocolate, nutella, and playing video games.

Ana  | Help Desk Level II Agent

As a member of the Help Desk team, Ana is constantly multi-tasking with emails, live chats, and phone calls answering students and parents questions regarding their medical records. She also help with troubleshooting and unarchiving and resetting passwords for accounts.

Ana loves the Magnus atmosphere because everyone in the office is very welcoming and always eager to help. She was born in Durham, North Carolina but her family came from Guerrero, Mexico. Ana currently attends Meredith College where she is studying to receive her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource and a minor in Sociology.

She comes from a big family who loves to eat (you will usually catch her munching on something) and loves to be on the go and doing things such as go on runs or hikes. On her down time she will binge watch any mystery or thrillers on Netflix she can get her hands on!

Derrick   | Help Desk Level II Agent

A Durham native, Derrick splits his time between assisting parents with their Magnus accounts and playing sports, spending time with his family, and traveling around meeting new people.

London  | Help Desk Level II Agent

As a valued member of the Help Desk team, London provides parents and students with information and guidance regarding their Magnus portals.

Outside of Magnus, London admires the arts and loves dancing.

Iris  | Help Desk Level II Agent

Iris’ daily job tasks include answering parent emails, phone calls, and chats in order to better help them navigate their Magnus accounts.

In her spare time, Iris loves to curl up and read a good book, hang out with her dog Luna, and spend time with her friends and family.