Student Medical Records Workshop – Washington, D.C.

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Student Medical Records Workshop – Washington, D.C.

I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of dedicated independent school educators from the VA, MD, and DC areas on January 19th in Tyson’s Corner. I want to thank everyone for attending the meeting and I hope that all were educated. Goals of the group before the meeting ranged from learning how to remove paper from the health system, to understanding how confidentiality and regulations apply to health information.

It was very refreshing to talk with people who not only care for the health and safety of their students, but want to make sure they are doing it right. Whether a school has 100 or 1000 students, and one or three campuses, the rules surrounding the privacy, communication, and flow of health information remain the same. The use of a online student medical record can greatly increase the efficiency and reduce liability of a school’s health information.

Immediately following the discussion today I answered questions from the participants ranging from product specific information to broad industry questions. I have posted these questions on our Workshop Series Q&A page. As we continue to host additional workshops with the team from Independent School Management I will post Q&A to this same page allowing all independent schools to learn from questions raised nationwide.

There is a resources link at the end of this paragraph which will take you to state specific resources pertaining to school health regulations for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Additionally, both Virginia and Maryland are fortunate to have Nurse Consultants serving at the state government level. I have spoken personally with the two consultants from Virginia, Janet Wrght and Tia Campbell. These women are both nurses by trade and have taken on the additional responsibility of acting as a resource to both state government and school nurses to advance the practice of school health.


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