Lean on best-in-class privacy, security and compliance standards so you can get back to leading your school

Student health is one of your biggest priorities. Give your staff the tools they need to protect and manage student health more effectively, more securely, and with less work.

Magnus Health keeps everyone
on the same page.

Effectively managing student health requires collaboration and communication across departments. With Magnus Health, everyone is working from the same centralized system. So the work of managing student health is easier for everyone, with less administrative burden, fewer miscommunications, and higher levels of security and compliance.

Highest standards of security

Storing student health information digitally is far more secure than paper documents. Manage access permissions on a user-by-user basis to ensure the highest levels of student privacy and information security.

  • Full encryption for secure communication across the entire system
  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant
  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure only authorized users can gain access
Integrate with leading software

Magnus Health integrates with leading Student Information Systems (SIS) and other software solutions, including Blackbaud, Veracross, and SportsWare. So student information remains up-to-date at all times.

  • Single sign-on reduces password fatigue and frustration for staff
  • Auto roster import directly uploads your student roster into Magnus Health, with automated sync to ensure student information is always up-to-date
  • Integrate your student or parent portal in days, not months, with the Magnus Health API
Emergency response

Medical emergencies can happen any time, anywhere. Magnus Health enables effective emergency response by sharing the right information with the right people while protecting student privacy.

  • Dial emergency contacts with the click of a button
  • Access action plans for allergies, diabetes, and other important conditions
  • Share full student medical history with hospital personnel and first responders via the secure Magnus911 mobile app
Save time & money

Schools that switch to Magnus Health save an average of 120 hours in administrative tasks per year. Enable your health office to reallocate that valuable time. 

  • Easy digital form submission with automated alerts for parents, so health staff spend less time chasing down missing forms
  • Fewer errors due to manual data entry from paper forms

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Manage compliance with ease

No more lost immunization forms. No more manually tracking who’s up to date and who’s not. Magnus Health keeps all of your critical compliance information in one place, safe and secure.

  • Direct integration with state immunization registries
  • Customizable reporting to instantly assess school-wide compliance
Better communication

With Magnus Health, better communication leads to better student health outcomes. 

  • Update student health information with every visit to the nurse or trainer
  • Easily share treatment notes and other relevant information across departments and with parents
Extensive technical and implementation support

The Magnus Health support team is here to make your job easy from day one. We provide full scale implementation services and responsive support for staff and parents to take the burden off your IT team.

  • Easy implementation: Our Implementation team works with your school’s end users to implement Magnus Health and establish software integrations
  • Technical support: Our Client Services team is available via email or phone to assist staff and parents with daily support and answer questions
  • Dedicated Parent Help Desk: Assists parents with student form submission and account troubleshooting via live chat, phone and email

How much are your paper records costing you?

See how much your school is actually spending without a solution like Magnus Health.

    “The benefit of the Magnus911 [emergency] card alone made it very easy for parents to understand why Student Health Record [software] is more useful, effective, and more secure than paper forms.”
    Business Officer
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    Cape Fear Academy,Wilmington, NC
    “Magnus provides access to information via phone in case of emergency. No paper forms to keep track of and store.”
    Director of Operations
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    Trinity Episcopal School,Richmond, VA
    “Less tracking of paper forms and fewer calls to parents figuring out what forms are missing at the beginning of each school year – now nurse can run reports tracking form status by students and Magnus sends email reminders to families.”
    Chief Finance Officer
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    The Gateway School,New York, NY
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