Coordinated care
without the manual effort.

Student care is most effective when departments work together. With Magnus Health, school counselors can easily collaborate with staff to improve student wellness. 

Streamline student support at your school with Magnus Health

As a school counselor, you play a critical role in your students’ educational journeys. To provide the best support, you need a full picture of your students’ physical and mental health history, progress, and treatment. Magnus Health is here to centralize student care — from the counseling office to the health office, the soccer field, and beyond.

Receive a full picture of each student

A holistic approach to student care spans mental, physical, and emotional health. With Magnus Health, you always have the most complete, up-to-date picture of student health at your fingertips so you can see students’ progress across every metric.

  • HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant system that safeguards personal health information
  • Access everything related to student health in one place and save time for school staff, parents, and students
  • Create smart lists to group students by grade or sport, and generate instant reports and identify trends
  • Keep track of all communications related to student health in one secure platform
Respond to emergencies faster

Mental health crises are on the rise. With Magnus911, school counselors and system administrators can swiftly access student health information and share with authorized medical providers for faster, more efficient emergency response.

  • Notify emergency contacts from the mobile app with the click of a button
  • Grant emergency personnel access to the student’s full health history, including allergies, medications, and other life-saving information
  • Send vital information to the hospital so that healthcare providers have access to relevant student health history during emergency treatment
  • Access action plans for allergies, diabetes, and other important conditions via mobile
Monitor student progress with ease

Take the manual work out of counseling session notes and stay organized with digital documentation.

  • Choose from six templates to organize your treatment notes based on relevant activities
  • Add treatment notes with every visit to the counselor, nurse, or trainer and share appropriate notes with parents and other staff as needed
  • Create custom templates, pre-filled notes, and alerts to make treatment notes fit your school’s needs
  • Choose who sees what with specified user permissions for different levels of access
Keep tabs on student medications

Stay in the know about students’ mental health medications with accurate health records, frequency and dosage notes, and medication schedules in one central location.

  • Collaborate with the health office, teachers, and parents to provide consistent care
  • Securely communicate with parents about students’ progress and support strategies
  • Stay vigilant and create intervention plans for mental health emergencies

And there's more
Student check-in

Save time by creating a detailed queue of students seeking guidance at the counseling office.

Customer support

Our support team is here to answer any questions for parents and staff, so your counselors never have to double as “tech support.”


Magnus Health integrates with all major Student Information Systems, so student demographic data is always up-to-date.

“It's streamlined our processes for collaborating with our counselors and principals... to have one central space to be documenting important health information as well as mental health info and the intersection between the two.”
School Nurse
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St. Margaret's Episcopal School San Juan Capistrano, CA
“Magnus Health gives us so much information right in one screen so we can easily have informed conversations with parents.”
School Nurse
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Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC

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