student health and immunization management

Cut out hours of admin time, stay ahead of health and immunization requirements, and automate student holds and releases.

Put student health
management on autopilot

Managing ever-changing health and immunization regulations can be a challenge. With Magnus Health, all of your student health-related forms are stored on one secure, easy-to-use digital platform. Seamless software integrations and automation features take the headache out of collecting documents and managing student holds.


Administration & health staff

Data security


Technical support

The easy way to stay compliant

Magnus Health makes it easy for admissions and health departments and students to maintain compliance with all immunization requirements.

  • Your school stays 100% compliant by connecting Magnus Health immunization records with the enrollment process
  • Students upload immunization documents quickly and easily via desktop or mobile app
  • Automated email reminders alert students to outstanding immunization records and submission deadlines
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Go paperless. Save time and money.

Get back the hours you spend on paperwork, so you can focus on the initiatives that make a difference.

  • Digitally collect and manage documents like immunizations, waivers, and insurance cards
  • Reduce admin time by allowing Magnus Health Registered Nurse reviewers to process immunization records timely and efficiently
  • Create and track treatment notes digitally, so student health information stays up-to-date at all times
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Keep student health information safe

Share critical information and communicate securely across departments while protecting student privacy.

  • User-by-user permissions allow you to manage exactly who sees what
  • Full encryption for secure messaging across the system
  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant for hospital-grade security
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Automate student hold releases

Integrate Magnus Health with your Student Information System to automate and streamline the student hold release process, saving time and expediting student enrollment.

  • Increase student compliance with digital form submission and automated reminders
  • Avoid the wave of administrative paperwork at the start of fall semester
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Comprehensive support for staff and families

Our Client Services team provides responsive technical support to end users like staff and parents, so your IT team doesn’t have to.

  • Easy implementation: Our Implementation team works with your school’s end users to implement Magnus Health and establish software integrations
  • Technical support: Our Client Services team is available via email or phone to assist your staff with daily support and answer questions
  • Help Desk: assists parents and students with form submission and account troubleshooting via phone and email
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Texas A&M University-Commerce

Magnus Health helps Texas A&M University-Commerce stay ahead of state immunization legislation

“Magnus has provided a great service to our students as we educate them on the law and the step-by-step process.”
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
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Texas A&M University-Commerce ,Commerce, TX
“The Magnus system is always improving…It has streamlined the process and enables me to access from anywhere there is internet.”
School Nurse
Company logotype
Waring School, Beverly, MA
“Form collection is so much easier now. Magnus Software eliminates boxes and boxes of paper and filing…it’s so easy to navigate.”
Athletic Trainer
Company logotype
Hampton Roads Academy, Newport News, VA
“Magnus allows us to keep track of immunizations in a comprehensive and digital manner.”
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Mann Family Early Childhood Center,
Los Angeles, CA

Put immunization and health management challenges behind you so you can focus on education

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