Focus your time on student health.
Not on paperwork.

School health staff spend an estimated 38% of their time on administrative tasks. With Magnus Health, you get that time back to spend on caring for students.

The easiest and safest way to manage student health information

As an education health professional, you have more on your plate now than ever before. More documents. More immunization requirements. More student physical and mental health challenges to manage. How can you keep up with all of these responsibilities? Enter Magnus Health: the ultimate centralized solution for managing student health information.

Keep student records up-to-date

Manage all of your student health information in one HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant digital system. Share relevant information across need-to-know departments in real time. With Magnus Health, you always have the most complete, up-to-date picture of student health at your fingertips.

  • Add treatment notes with every visit to the nurse, counselor, or trainer and share appropriate notes with parents and other staff as needed
  • See latest injury and treatment status for all student athletes
  • Create custom templates, pre-filled notes, and alerts to make treatment notes fit your school’s needs
  • Create smart lists to group students by grade or sport, and generate instant reports showing which students have incomplete forms
Enable effective emergency response with Magnus911

System administrators can grant immediate access to vital student health information in case of an emergency on or off campus. So school staff and medical providers can respond appropriately no matter where health emergencies occur.

  • Notify emergency contacts from the mobile app with the click of a button
  • Grant emergency personnel access to the student’s full health history, including allergies, medications, and other life-saving information
  • Send vital information to the hospital so that healthcare providers have access to relevant student health history during emergency treatment
  • Access action plans for allergies, diabetes, and other important conditions via mobile
Collect and manage forms digitally

No more corralling paper forms or pestering parents ahead of deadlines. With Magnus Health, schools see an average compliance increase of 31% by day one of the school year.

  • Easily upload documents: parents can digitally sign and submit forms online or from the mobile app, available on iOS and Android
  • Create automated email reminders for parents to increase form submission compliance and reduce time spent on tracking them down
  • Customize forms to collect information specific to your school
  • Eliminate manual errors resulting from paper form data entry
Easily manage immunization requirements

Track immunization dates, waivers, and exemptions all in one place, eliminating the need to shuffle through paper records and set manual update reminders.

  • Automatically sync with state vaccine registries
  • Access complete immunization history for each student
  • Set upcoming immunization deadlines for individual students, with automated alerts for parents
  • Create smart lists to quickly view students who are missing vaccinations
  • Run reports on demand for state compliance audits
Administer medications accurately & efficiently

Manage student medication requirements, including frequency and dosage, and record each administration in one central location.

  • Track and audit quantities of medications to ensure you have enough on hand at all times
  • Chart administered medications and create detailed notes when needed
  • Securely communicate with parents when your supply is running low

And there's more
Counseling notes

Easily record session notes and document visits with customizable templates designed for counselors.

Customer support

Our support team is here to answer any questions for parents and staff, so your health office never has to double as “tech support.”

Student check-in

Save time by creating a detailed queue of students seeking medical attention at the nurse’s office.


Magnus Health integrates with all major Student Information Systems, so student demographic data is always up-to-date.

“Now that cell phones are so ubiquitous, parents can just download the app, take a picture, and upload the form. It’s immediately integrated into their child’s record and very beneficial [for staff].”
Director of Health Services
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Westover School, Middlebury, CT
“All teachers and chaperones have the Magnus Health app on their phone to see which medicines are safe for each student to take.”
School Nurse
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Wheaton Academy, Chicago, IL
“I like how easy it is to go to Nurse's notes and incident reports. And it's easy to create forms as needed.”
School Nurse
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Brawerman Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA
“We could not do our daily work without Magnus Health.”
School Nurse
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Milken Community School, Los Angeles, CA

Save money and manage student health requirements confidently with Magnus Health

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