Mental Health and Wellness Concerns Surge With COVID-19

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Mental Health and Wellness Concerns Surge With COVID-19

The past year has been anything but predictable. The emergence of the COVID-19 virus, vaccinations, and new variants has created a lot of uncertainty. And while people around the globe are feeling these effects acutely, children and teens are perhaps the most impacted by these events.

Now more than ever, schools want to be aware of their students’ mental health and take measures to improve their overall wellness.

Mental Health Awareness in Schools

Having dealt with the global pandemic for over a year, research has begun to prove what was already suspected to be true: It is affecting how children and adolescents are performing at school, and even more pressing is how it’s taken a toll on their mental health.

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal found that over 60% of children ages 7 to 15 had clinically significant symptoms of anxiety and depression related to the pandemic. Online classes, canceled extracurriculars, and social distancing have left kids and teens of all ages feeling lonely and anxious about all the uncertainty.

Parents are noticing these effects the most. Researchers found that 46% of parents with teens reported their child has shown signs of a new or worsening mental health condition since the start of the pandemic.

How School Nurses are Responding

While school nurses are often known for taking care of the student bodys’ physical health, their responsibilities also extend to mental wellness. In fact, the National Association of School Nurses explained that “school nurses are frequently the first to identify and address behavioral health concerns and connect students and families with systems of support.”

In light of recent events, school nurses are being even more vigilant regarding their students’ mental health. From wellness checks to monitoring for behaviors related to anxiety and depression, school nurses have had to adapt to address these new and pressing mental health challenges affecting students in and outside of the classroom.

Magnus Health: Help Track Student Mental Wellness

Of course, keeping track of every student’s mental health and overall wellness can be difficult to manage without the right tools in place. With software solutions like Magnus Health, school nurses can seamlessly document the mental health status and proposed treatment for every student and be fully aligned with HIPAA standards .

School nurses can use treatment notes in Magnus to monitor student mental health and determine how this sensitive information is shared selectively with appropriate faculty and staff,. Every addition is also accessible from the student’s vital health record, allowing school nurses, faculty, and parents to pull up a clear, succinct health history of each student in an instant.
The easy-to-use and comprehensive system can help school nurses keep a holistic pulse on the health and wellness of the student body.

Contact Magnus Health today to learn more about how vital health records can help your school prioritize student wellness this school year.