Benefits of Limiting Screen Time for Children

Magnus Health
February 24, 2020
Blog, Student Health
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Benefits of Limiting Screen Time for Children

Students of all ages are living in a virtual world. Technology can be beneficial when used correctly and consumed in moderation. However, children have a difficult time getting away from technology. Technology is everywhere and is easily accessible, which is why managing a child’s screen time is so important. Studies show that too much screen time can cause children to become less active, less creative, and to communicate less.

Eden David with, ABC News, stated that “…a new study shows frequent social media use and television viewing is linked to depression in teens.” Screens consume children and, as a result, they are spending less time outside, being creative, and engaging socially. Putting a screen time limit in place and restrictions on what kids are and aren’t allowed to watch and do online, can have many positive outcomes and affect positive behavioral changes. Katherine Lee’s article for Very Well Family stated that: “The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other child health advocates have urged parents to limit screen time to no more than one or two hours a day for kids ages 2 and up …and recommends that parents avoid any screen time for babies and children under 2”.

If children have too much screen time, it takes them away from playing outside, reading books, interacting with their family, as well as using their creativity. It is amazing to see that just by limiting a child’s screen time, their overall physical and mental health improves, and their academics, creativity, and behavioral and social skills develop. Children are less likely to be exposed to violence and aggression online and age-inappropriate videos. It is important that students learn to limit their own time with technology and that parents are aware of monitoring online activity so that their child’s overall health can improve.

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