Blackbaud and Magnus Health: Partnering to Boost Efficiency in Private Schools

Rachel Kauffman
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Blackbaud and Magnus Health: Partnering to Boost Efficiency in Private Schools

Are disparate technology systems sending your school into data chaos? When your staff can’t communicate effectively, vital student information slips through the cracks. By integrating your Blackbaud SIS with Magnus Health, you’ll be able to streamline processes, improve the security of your health data, and provide a seamless experience for parents, faculty, and administrators.

As a Blackbaud partner since 2014, Magnus Health helps schools collect vital health information like immunizations and allergies, prepare for school emergencies, and so much more.

While Blackbaud remains the source of truth for your student data, a true API sync between both platforms allows for student demographic data, sports rosters, student groups, and emergency contact data to flow into Magnus Health. This keeps your records consistent, making sure you don’t miss a beat. Parents can easily access Magnus Health through a single sign-on experience to minimize lost login information.

The Magnus Health platform caters to many student health and administrative needs such as form collection, incident reports, and even supporting mental health initiatives. The system allows for easy form customization, e-signatures, and compliance reporting, ultimately reducing administrative burdens for schools. Additionally, Magnus Health ensures secure communication, adhering to HIPAA and FERPA regulations.

To make life even easier for your families, our mobile app enables parents to complete necessary requirements digitally. Faculty, staff, and coaches can also use the mobile app to easily find detailed information on students’ medical data, emergency protocols, and a 16-digit Magnus 911 number for quick access to critical information during emergencies.

If your school is currently using the Blackbaud health module included in your SIS, the below graphic highlights the benefits of using a true student health record solution like Magnus Health.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about how integrating Blackbaud and Magnus Health will provide your school with a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing student information and health records.