Thank you for joining us at this year’s CONNECT by Magnus Health! Session recordings will be available soon.

Past Sessions

Supporting the Emotional Wellness of Girls

Monday, July 17 @ 12noon ET
Presented by Danielle Vallas and Gabriella Pelosi of D&G Wellness Consulting

Girls today face a wide range of emotional challenges that can impact their well-being, academic performance, and overall success in life. In this webinar, we will explore strategies and best practices for supporting the emotional wellness of girls. D&G Wellness Consulting will discuss the unique emotional needs of girls, the most common emotional challenges they face, and practical ways to address these challenges.

During this webinar, D&G Wellness Consulting will explore the emotional needs of girls and how they differ from boys; common emotional challenges facing girls, such as anxiety, stress, and self-esteem issues; practical strategies for supporting emotional wellness in girls, including mindfulness practices, stress-management techniques, and positive affirmations; best practices for promoting a culture of emotional wellness in schools and at home; the role of parents and teachers in supporting the emotional wellness of girls; resources and tools for further support. This webinar is designed for teachers, counselors, nurses, and anyone who works with girls and is interested in promoting their emotional wellness. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the unique emotional needs of girls and practical strategies for supporting their emotional well-being. Join D&G Wellness for this informative webinar and learn how to create a supportive environment that empowers girls to thrive emotionally and succeed in all areas of their lives.


Meet Magnus Health

Monday, July 17 @ 2pm ET
Presented by Scott D’Annunzio from Magnus Health

Magnus Health is the private K-12 industry’s leading Student Health Record management software. Providing a secure, efficient way to collect and update medical forms and communicate with families and staff, Magnus Health gives school administrators, nurses, and athletic directors the opportunity to focus more on caring for their students rather than data entry, data insecurities, and chasing down updates. In this session, Scott D’Annunzio will walk you through the features of the platform that have transformed more than 1,000 health offices, including immunization compliance tracking, medication administration, parent communication, emergency preparedness, and so much more!


The State of School Health: Maintaining a Healthy Campus

Tuesday, July 18 @ 12noon ET
Presented by Jasmin Whitfield from Joffe Emergency Services

Join Dr. Whitfield, Subject Matter Expert at Joffe Emergency Services, and the School Health Services team as they outline current challenges and opportunities to foster and maintain effective school health programs. The Joffe team will provide guidelines and recommended practices that use a proactive approach to promote student health and development through school connectedness.


Magnus Health Product Roadmap

Tuesday, July 18 @ 2pm ET
Presented by Valerie Bourbeau from Magnus Health

Come join us as Val Bourbeau, Director of Product Management for Magnus Health, shares new enhancements for the coming year.


Using Group Therapy as a Way to Create More Connections with Students

Thursday, July 20 @ 1:00pm ET
Presented by Ivan Lamourt and Charlsey Sheib from St. Benedict’s Preparatory School

By using a variety of groups we are able to help kids learn how to empathize and positively connect with each other.


Wellness in Our School Community

Monday, July 24 @ 9:00am ET
Presented by Heather Gagnon and Christa Lakey from Eaglebrook School

The session will discuss how technology is influence our youth and specifically look at how technology, social media, and marketing are playing a role in our students lives. We will discuss ways we can support our students in developing initiatives in their own schools around wellness and technology.


How to Use Mental Health Screeners at Schools to Help Early Identification of Students with Mental Health Issues

Tuesday, July 25 @ 1:00pm ET
Presented by Ivan Lamourt and Charlsey Sheib from St. Benedict’s Preparatory School

This session will discuss how to use bio psycho social interviews to identify students with mental health issues.


Student Wellbeing: Motivating the Quiet Middle

Wednesday, July 26 @ 9am ET
Presented by Ben Dunford from Firefly

Student wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important issue for schools and it’s something we’ve been working on at Epraise for over a decade. Recently we’ve been focussing in on the “quiet middle”; students who don’t step out of line and attend regularly, but struggle to reach their potential. What can we do to both ensure their wellbeing and boost their motivation to succeed?


What to Look for in a Student Health Record Solution (And Why It’s Important to Have One!)

Thursday, July 27 @ 12pm ET
Presented by Summer Pecoraro from Magnus Health

School health professionals have a lot on their plates. Shouldn’t student care be their biggest priority?  In this session, we will highlight key items to keep in mind when considering a new student health record (SHR) solution. You will also learn how a dedicated SHR solution can help save you time, improve communication, enhance data privacy and security, and provide better student care. Bring your questions!


Magnus Health and Veracross Integration Product Roadmap

Thursday, July 27 @ 2pm ET
Presented by Valerie Bourbeau from Magnus Health

Come join us as Val Bourbeau, Director of Product Management for Magnus Health, provides an update on the latest enhancements to the Magnus integration with Veracross.