Creating a School Culture that Supports Mental Health

Creating a positive school culture that supports mental wellness is essential to student learning, focus and engagement. A school that supports mental health and wellbeing allows faculty and staff to be more engaged, effective, and satisfied in their roles. However, shifting school culture often seems like an impossible task. With so many other pressing issues to manage, supporting mental wellness might seem too difficult to tackle. The fact is, simple changes can bring big gains when it comes to supporting student mental health at school.


During this on-demand webinar, D&G Wellness Consulting discusses steps you can take to prioritize mental health and wellness in your school community. Participants will gain an understanding on how to help create and support a culture of mental health and wellness for themselves, in the classroom, within each grade level and for the school community at large. Whether it’s starting the conversation about mental health or working to destigmatize and normalize it, participants will move from reactive to proactive when managing mental health at school. You’ll be provided with strategies and suggestions such as working with their school counselor, learning how to have difficult conversations, and how to train an early intervention team to name a few. The webinar is a great way to begin shifting your school to an environment where everyone thrives!

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