COVID-19 Health Tracking

 An Electronic Health Record System that provides a secure and simple way for schools to
screen, monitor, and track COVID-19 symptoms

Magnus Helps Schools Achieve Above 90% Compliance by Day 1 of School

COVID-19 Exposure Evaluation Template

Digital Form Submission for Parents

Provide a way for families to submit the COVID-19 exposure survey in digital format and to sign documents electronically.

Customizable Template

Schools can also add follow-up questions regarding members of the household who are considered to be at risk, as well as those who have additional exposure risks.

Administration Saves Time

Schools save valuable time by effortlessly creating and tracking COVID-19 screening forms on one online platform.

Automatically Notify Emergency Contacts

With the click of a button on any mobile device, parents and guardians can be notified instantly of an emergency situation.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Safeguard your school today!