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Magnus Health is dedicated to supporting schools with innovative ways to navigate this new era of student health and wellness in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDC recommends multi-layered COVID-19 prevention
strategies to improve classroom safety and wellness.

Magnus Health is the industry leading electronic health record solution for K-12 independent schools.

See how Magnus can help protect your school by tracking vaccines, recording test results, assessing symptoms, and evaluating exposure to COVID-19.

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CV-19 Health Data and Private Schools

Academic institutions need to be more proactive and intentional about protecting important student information during the pandemic.

Mental Health & Wellness Concerns Surge

Recent studies show that 60% of children ages 7-15 had symptoms of anxiety and depression related to the pandemic.

How Does Vaccine Tracking Work for Private Schools?

An immunization tracker can help private schools streamline vaccine tracking and provide peace of mind.

Post COVID-19 Landscape for K-12: Managing Student Health

School administrators and health staff share their plans to prioritize student health and keep school communities safe.

Why Protecting Student Health Records is a Priority

Whether your school uses paper records, spreadsheets, or online platforms, keeping your students’ health records safe is more important than ever before.

Vaccine Tracking for Colleges

Vaccine tracking can help your college manage health records and safely welcome students, faculty, and staff back to campus.

Magnus Solutions

See Magnus Health in action and find out how we can provide a safe and secure system for your school.

COVID-19 Toolkit

Explore our full suite of COVID-19 health tracking tools and learn how to screen, monitor, and track symptoms, exposures, and immunizations using Magnus Health.

Case Studies

Hear from real Magnus customers about their experience using our health tracking tools to save time, streamline workflows, and increase compliance.

COVID-19 Form Templates

Increase parent and student compliance for campus COVID protocols with free digital form templates provided by fellow Magnus customers.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions For
Private and Independent Schools

Do private schools require a COVID-19 certificate of immunization status?

A student’s COVID-19 immunization requirement depends on the school. Private and independent schools may follow state or local guidelines for recommendations, but they are not required to adhere to it.

Where do private schools store their students’ vaccine records?

COVID-19 vaccination cards contain protected health information and should be stored in an electronic health record (EHR). Magnus Health’s EHR solution provides best-in-class data security and privacy through a centralized, web-based application.

What’s the best way to track COVID vaccine records for schools?

Tracking immunization records can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. An EHR platform like Magnus can streamline the process for school nurses and staff through automated data sync, parent reminders, and digital form uploads.

Why should private and independent schools require a COVID-19 vaccination record?

Vaccination records for schools are important because they help school nurses and staff monitor immunization compliance and the overall health of their school community.

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