Immunization Compliance

A streamlined online tracking system that takes the sting out of
immunization compliance and medication management

18% of schools require immunization documentation with both a parent and a physician’s signature.

Simplified Record Management

Automate Data Entry

A monthly data sync between the Magnus online portal and the state registry (available in most states) provides schools with the most up-to-date student immunization history.

Schedule Email Reminders

Automated parent email reminders notify student families regarding immunization requirements and approaching deadlines.

Increase Immunization Compliance

Allow parents to upload immunization records or waivers directly into their student account by taking a picture of the form using their mobile device.

“Magnus allows us to keep track of immunizations in a comprehensive and digital manner.”

-Felisa Felsenthal, Registrar, Mann Family Early Childhood Center

Streamlined Reporting and Charting

Immunization report Ipad

Produce Compliance Reports

The Magnus reporting tool allows school staff to easily generate real-time immunization compliance reports.

View Immunization Histories

Access a complete immunization history for each student online and set upcoming deadlines.

Reduce Administrative Time

School staff no longer needs to track down parents due to missing immunization records and shuffle through paper forms.

Streamline Immunization Management at Your School!