Student Health Information
All In One Place

An online system uniquely built to give schools the power to manage student health records.

Health Staff spend 38% of their time on administrative tasks

Charting Made Easy

Chart each student’s visit, injury, consultation, and counseling session real-time.

Create custom templates, pre-filled notes, and alerts to make Treatment Notes fit your school’s needs.

Stay up-to-date on athlete’s recovery process after an injury with live injury tracking that can be shared across departments.

Efficiently Manage Student Health Records

Stay Organized

Create Smart Lists to view incomplete forms, and organize students by grade or sport.

Set Up Clinical Alerts

Make health staff aware of student medical issues such as food allergies, asthma, or diabetes.

Save Time With Check-In

Create a detailed queue of students seeking medical attention at the nurse’s office.

Send Push Notifications 

Notify a parent or guardian on their mobile device when a student’s treatment note has been shared with them.

School Communication Easier than Ever

Magnus delivers a better way for your school to collect, track, and manage students health information. Streamline cross-departmental communication by securely storing all of your documents in one online portal and providing role-based access to staff. 

Take the Sting Out of Immunization and Medication Management

Efficient Medication Administration

Keep track of the frequency and dosage of student medication requirements throughout the day.

Easier Immunization

Track immunization dates, waivers, and exemptions all in one place, eliminating the need to shuffle through paper records.

Increased Compliance

A customized compliance reporting tool takes the manual effort out of local and state immunization requirement compliance.

Improve Your Student Care Today!